Curly hair is beautiful, but you must give it the proper care so that it looks perfect and your curls look defined.

And it is that curls are more prone to dryness, and tends to look dehydrated and dull.

That is why you need to hydrate your hair so that it looks alive, shiny and very healthy, and for this there are some tricks that the experts have offered.

How to keep curly hair looking perfect and hydrated at all times

Cut your mane every two or three months

It is important that every two or three months you cut your hair so that it stays in the best shape and very healthy.

And it is that healthy ends will make your curls look much more defined, and your hair will always look alive and hydrated.

Protect your hair from the cold

You should also protect your hair from the cold, because in the winter time it becomes more fragile and vulnerable, so you should not expose it.

Try to cover your hair during this season with a hat, or scarves, and avoid heat processes so that it does not suffer damage.

Apply moisturizing treatments

For your curls to look alive and perfect, you need to constantly apply natural moisturizing treatments.

You can prepare an egg mask, as it has a high content of proteins and fats that control the humidity of the scalp.

You just have to mix two tablespoons of olive oil, an egg and a tablespoon of mayonnaise and that’s it.

Wash your hair, wait for it to dry, and apply the mask, leaving it to act for half an hour, and then remove it with water.

Braid your curly hair

Stylists have recommended protecting your curly hair and styling it by making braids, in order to stimulate the natural shape of your hair and make it look styled and relaxed.

Also, keep it hydrated and apply oil from the middle to the ends to give your hair extra shine.

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