How to listen to WhatsApp audios without the other getting the blue check?


WhatsApp is the instant messaging application par excellence and each person uses it differently according to their needs.

The mobile application has the option of not having your contacts see the last time you were connected and of deactivating read receipts, thus maintaining user privacy.

On the contrary, voice memos do retain the double blue check, which indicates when they were heard, even if the seen function is disabled. In addition, right next to the play icon there is also a microphone that turns from gray to blue when they are played.

So if you don’t want the other person to know that you heard an audio, you can follow this guide.

The easiest option is to forward the audio to another chat, so you can listen to it quietly. The only bad thing about this is that it will have to be a trusted person, as it will also have access to the content of the message.

Another way, which could be a bit more complex, is to forward it to yourself. Thus, you must create a group with someone else and then delete that person, so you will be alone in the chat.

In fact, it is also possible to ‘self-book’ on the phone to start a chat with yourself.

Some people often use this method to keep a personal notepad in which they write down what things to buy, put reminders of some tasks to be done and, of course, the voice notes of others can be forwarded.

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