It has possibly happened to you that when you go to supermarket to buy a wine you don’t even know which one to choose because you don’t know much about them, but don’t worry, RSVP Online We give you all the recommendations so that little by little you begin to become familiar with the wine world.

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We have talked to you about why a cork is used to cover wine, the difference between champagne, sparkling wine and cava, also about how to hold a glass of wine and even how much to serve, but this time we will tell you the trick to know if a wine no longer serves and is expired.

You don’t need to be a whole wine expert to discover the signs that a wine from the supermarket is no longer useful, but you do need to have a lot of eye to differentiate their colors, we will tell you why.

How to know if a wine is no longer good

As you know, there are different types of wines such as red wine, rose wine or white wine and each of them has a color that characterizes them.

Their color depends on the type of grape with which they are made, but many, people who are not so involved in the wine world, cannot differentiate between variations between shades, which are usually very many.

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What is possible to discover is whether a wine is rusty or pitted, I mean, yes it does not work anymore.

The white wines, they usually have an amber or gold color, so be careful, if you are in the supermarket and want to buy one, you should pay attention that its color is this and it is not opaque, because when a white wine is already expired it tends to adopt a color coffee.

In the case of red wines, the signal that indicates that it is no longer useful is when it shows a loss of its intense color and turns brown with a tendency to purple tones or even adopts a somewhat transparent color.

When you notice that a pink wine has a deep orange hue means that it is already rusted.

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