How to know if a password is strong or could be dangerous

The password is the main security barrier

Count on passwords That they are secure is very important to protect our accounts on the Internet, prevent anyone from accessing our devices and, ultimately, avoid problems that put privacy at risk or may impersonate our identity.

It can be considered as the main security barrier. It is the key that will protect servers, computers, cloud accounts, mobile devices … Without that key, all this that we mentioned would be open so that anyone could enter and read our messages, send emails on our behalf or put any equipment at risk.

That is why it is very important to have passwords that are strong, that cannot be easily broken. But of course, on many occasions we have insecure passwords, which have been exposed and which could be used by hackers and access our accounts. Hence, we must take into account some tips and thus avoid being attacked.

How to know if the password is secure

It is very important to bear in mind the need to have passwords that are secure, that are properly protected and that cannot be easily ascertained by any intruder. Different factors come into play here. We are going to see some services that help us to check if the password is secure.

LastPass password checker

LastPass It is known to be one of the most important and widely used key managers. It is very useful to manage our keys, but it also has other additional tools. One of them is a free checker that tells us if our password is secure or not.

To do this we have to go to their website and there we will automatically see a bar to put the password and check if it is secure or not. You are going to analyze different aspects that determine strength:

  • Length
  • The use or not of known words
  • If it contains lowercase and uppercase
  • Numbers and symbols
  • Whether or not it repeats the same characters

If the password is not secure, a message will appear as we can see in the image below. On the other hand, if the password that we have put is totally reliable, it will indicate that it is safe and that therefore we can be calm.

Check password with LastPass


Another free online tool that we can use is that of NordPass. It is also another very popular key manager with many users. Once we enter its official website we will find the bar to put the password that we are interested in checking if it is secure or not.

Secure password with NordPass

It will also take into account certain factors, as we can see in the image above. It will analyze if we use upper and lower case, numbers and symbols or the length. But an interesting peculiarity, beyond telling us if it is secure or not, is calculating how long it would take to find out our key. Logically, the older it is, the better for our security.


Kaspersky is a cybersecurity company that has many programs that help protect us. They also have an online service that we can use to verify if our password is reliable or we should change it. Once again, you have to access the official website.

There we will see the bar to put the password directly. The use is very simple and it will automatically analyze the password that we are entering, according to the parameters that the system interprets to know if it is secure or not.

Verify password with Kaspersky

A very complete service that we want to show is that of Not only does it analyze a large number of factors to know if a password is secure, but it shows us all those elements that it takes into account and so we can know what we can improve.

Its use is very simple. We just have to enter your website and put the password in the corresponding bar. Once we put the password, it will show us the information as we can see in the image.

How a strong key has to be

We have talked about the importance of having a password that is secure and also about different options that we have at our disposal to see if we are really using keys that are. Now we are going to give some tips to create passwords that are really strong and complex and protect us on the network.

Unique and random passwords

Something fundamental is to use passwords that are unique and totally random. We should never use the same password on multiple sites. If one is stolen for any reason, what is known as a domino effect could occur and affect other personal accounts.

Therefore, the first advice is that the key that we create is totally random and we are not using it in more than one place. This is the first stone in building a password that is totally reliable.

Count with letters, numbers and symbols

We should not create a password that has only letters or numbers. Ideally, it should contain a mix everything possible. Uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and other special symbols. In this way, the range of possibilities is very wide, so we generate almost infinite combinations. One more way to gain robustness.

Have a suitable length

Of course the length password is going to be a vital factor. It is not the same to break a password that barely has 4 characters than another that has 16. Each digit, each symbol that we put, makes the security grow exponentially.

Do not use any word or data that relates us

It follows a bit the line of what we mentioned before related to the importance of using random keys. We should never use a word or data that can relate to us. For example, it would be a mistake if our password had our name or telephone number. That could facilitate brute force attacks and compromise the password.

Change the password periodically

Although this point is not directly related to creating a strong password, it is very important to maintain security. Must change keys periodically, since attacks, leaks and problems can sometimes arise that put them at risk.

In short, these are some factors that we must take into account to create passwords that are totally secure. We must always try to use reliable keys, which contain everything that we have indicated and thus avoid problems.

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