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How to disguise split ends if you don’t want to go to the hairdresser

Split hair is a major problem for many women. And if your hair is prone to such damage, it is not necessary to immediately go to a beauty salon and remove the length from centimeter by centimeter.

It seems that the problem of split ends of hair has never spared anyone. Especially if you are the owner of long curls. Or you often dye your hair and like to experiment with “hot” styling.

Preventing the slice is pretty tricky. To do this, you will have to learn how to comb differently, give up frequent styling and regularly carry out additional beauty rituals.

Alas, dealing with split ends is also a thankless task. If the damage has already begun on the hair, then nothing can stop it.

That is why experts advise every 1.5-2 months to come to a beauty salon and cut the spoiled hair. But let’s be honest: visiting a hairdresser so often is not cheap and requires free time.

While some barbers reprimand clients for the rare appearance in their chair, others refuse to consider irregular haircuts as something reprehensible. The section will appear to some extent in any case. Especially, we repeat when it comes to colored hair and frequent styling.

Cutting your hair down all the time is pretty sad. And if you are not yet ready to part with the existing length (but you understand that this will not bring health to your hair), then you can simply try to mask the problem.

Renowned British stylist Ricky Walters warns that if you really want to stop seeing split ends, you will have to ditch the hot styling – or minimize the impact.

“The more we heat the already cut ends, the more visible they become. Reducing hair heat is the easiest and most effective way to restore tired ends, ”says the expert.

Another life hack is related to hair drying. Do not rush to this moment. Slowly drying the ends at the lowest temperature will make them look less porous and sloppy.

However, the stylist considers the selection of the correct styling to be the most important way.

“With straight hair, split ends are almost invisible. But on curly ones, they instantly catch your eye! Therefore, you should not specially curl your hair if they are naturally not prone to this. If damaged, they will look better without such interventions, ”the expert is sure.

How do you deal with split ends?

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