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How to create a cryptocurrency with your name

If you ever thought of having your own coin you are interested in entering BitClout or at least it may be an option.

The decentralized platform created by what it calls itself DiamondHands It works in a similar way to a social network, such as Twitter, in which you can create your profile and follow people that interest you, but with the difference that in this network you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies of the people you follow.

Each BitClout user can name your own cryptocurrency But you must buy Bitclouts to start having funds in your account and be able to allow your followers to buy it and increase its value at the same time that you buy those of others and this exchange is encouraged, as if it were a kind of stock market of Wall Street.

How do I get my currency?

This question is resolved from the moment you enter the platform. When entering you must register your profile, as in other networks, although in this case there may be some changes in the process, such as that the platform gives you a password of 12 words that is generated automatically.

Once inside you can customize your avatar and start buying BitClout. Each of these tokens is currently valued at $ 161.75 and can be purchased directly on the platform with bitcoin. Really buy bitcoins before you start buying Bitclouts to fund your own currency.

The platform was launched in early 2021 in BETA; However, it has begun to gain relevance as people like Elon Musk have created their currencies and profiles. Musk’s coin is currently listed in the BitClout feed with a value of $ 67,459.

Diamondhands, the pseudonym that has been awarded the creation of the platform, told the specialized medium TechCrunch that the idea of ​​creating a social network in which users can generate value for themselves, and for people they find interesting, reduces tension between technology and those who use it.

“If you look at the relationships that exist today between social networks and people it’s a very adversarial relationship, in which the content that is produced is not really theirs and the monetization of the content is not shared with the people, ”he told the publication.

Other prominent profiles that you can follow, or that you can buy on the platform, are the youtuber Logan Paul or the singer Ariana Grande.

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