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How to configure the e-mail of a website or company with Gmail

How to use the mail of a web in Gmail

Gmail is one of the most widely used email providers in Spain today. We can say that the majority of private users use this service. Also many companies and organizations. However, in the latter cases it is common to have an account with the own web domain and we would have to configure it to use it in Gmail.

Link an email address with Gmail it’s going to bring some benefits. The main one is that we are going to use a service that has many functions, simple and intuitive. We can put aside the provider that we use with our hosting, for example. This way we will have more accessibility to emails.

But we can also even join multiple accounts. Let’s say we have a web page and it has an address where visitors send emails with inquiries. We can make that account linked to Gmail and use it together with our personal email. So we would have both in the same place.

To use the mail of a web with Gmail we have to follow a series of steps that we are going to explain. It is a quick process and in a matter of minutes we will have the accounts we want linked to the Google service.

Link an account to Gmail

The first thing we have to do is iniciar Gmail in the desktop version. There we will have to go to the Settings icon, which appears at the top right. We click on it and click on See all the settings.

Once we are inside we will see different sections. One of them is Accounts and import. That is the one that interests us and the one that we have to press. There you have to go to “Check the mail of other accounts” and click on Add an email account.

Add an account in Gmail

A new window will open where you ask us for the email address of the account we want to link. There we will have to put the e-mail of our company or website that we want to start using in Gmail.

Add account in Gmail

Set up the new account in Gmail

Once this is done, it will show us another new window where we will have to fill in some data. There we will have to put the username, password, POP server, how we want to label the messages, leave a copy …

We will have to fill in all this according to our interests and then give to Add Account. We will have to confirm it from the email account that we want to link to give permissions and be able to manage it from Gmail.

From that moment on, we will already have our company account or website linked to Gmail. We can use it to send emails from that account or from our personal account (we can choose), as well as being able to read everything we receive.

Add as many accounts as we want

Keep in mind that in Gmail we can add more than two accounts. If our website has several emails, for example one for information, another for sales, another for management… We can all link them to Gmail and be able to manage them from there easily.

Also, at any time that interests us, we can delete the accounts that we have linked to Gmail. It may be that at a certain moment we are no longer interested in its being available there and we do not want to receive emails or send from Gmail.

In short, following these steps that we have mentioned, we can configure the email of a website or a company with Gmail. It’s very easy and fast. It is also something that we can do in all the addresses that we manage and have them ready from the Google email service.

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