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How to clean up my Gmail account and free up space with four easy steps | Techno Doctor | Magazine

Google offers you a storage space of 15 GB, which is shared with the rest of the services. Learn to free up your space with these tricks.

There is so much information that our account stores that sometimes the space provided of 15 GB is not enough, and cleaning it seems a difficult task. Remember that the storage space used by Gmail is included in Google One, even if we have a free plan, and is shared between Google Drive and Google Photos.

However, with four simple actions that the specialized portal collects Xakata You can keep your Gmail clean: delete the heaviest emails, the oldest, empty the trash and the junk mail folder or apply a delete or archive policy.

Delete heavy emails

Enter Gmail, click on the down arrow that appears in the search bar and, In the menu that appears, go to the “Size” part and configure different values. For example, 10 MB.

In addition, depending on the portal, you can also create a bookmark in your browser to periodically do this search. What you should do is use the link, where you can change that final “10M” of 10 MB for the exact size from which you want show you emails.

Delete less important emails

The first step is to enter Gmail, click on the down arrow found in the search bar and select “Date range”. Which means that you can configure the period you want and click on “Search”, so you can delete all the less important emails.

Apply a delete and archive policy

This trick is based on the fact that when an email arrives we must value it. That is, we are going to analyze whether it will serve us after being read or not. If you don’t need it, delete it immediately and prevent your tray from piling up. Leaving all emails in the inbox or archived, by default, will cause that in the future, sooner rather than later, we must perform a new cleaning.

Gmail will analyze the IP number from which your site is entered.

Empty the trash

All those emails that you deleted by your new deletion policy, will be selected and permanently deleted so as not to occupy any space. (E)

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