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How to be an elegant woman from head to toe and project security and class

Elegance is not just about clothes, it also depends on other factors, from the way you walk to how you speak.

Therefore, it is important to work your image from head to toe, and even your interior, so that you always project security and class, and be an elegant woman without having to wear the most expensive clothes.

The bases of elegance that every woman must have to project her class

Love each other above all

A woman with high self-esteem, who knows her worth and loves herself more than anyone else, is a woman who will project elegance at all times.

And it is that she always takes care of herself, feels and looks good, and with only her safety when walking she will reflect her class, so this is vital in your life.

The most important thing is that a confident and confident woman knows that any clothes will fit her well, and she will not feel complexes, so she will look happy and beautiful, projecting her elegance.

Be polite and have a nice image

It is also vital to be an educated woman, who has a clean, distinguished vocabulary, and does not use vulgar words, to project elegance at all times.

In addition, your image says a lot about you, and we are not referring to what you wear or wear, but to your facial expressions that are relaxed, and always with a smile, that there is harmony in your face.

Of course, posture is also very important, and if you sit and walk upright, you will also always look elegant.

Be authentic and natural

An authentic and natural woman will always project security, confidence, and elegance, whatever she wears.

So do not worry about what others think, or follow trends that you do not want, always be yourself and remember the principle of “less is more”, and you will always enhance your class.

Carry accessories

Of course, this principle cannot be absent to look elegant at all times.

And it is that it does not matter what clothes you wear, if you wear accessories, be it glasses, belt, bag, whatever you want, you will give it the sophisticated touch that your look needs.

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