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How to apply highlighter for a fresh look in seconds

The healthy skin will always be in style, especially during the summer months, when you just need to apply illuminator, some juicy glitter and a little mascara, to look excellent. The highlighter (as it is known by its name in English) is an ally, to create memorable looks.

A somewhat forgotten product, especially during the past year, but that returns as a useful ally to give your skin a healthy glow, while you return to the new normal. Especially, after you know all the hair and makeup trends for this Spring – Summer 2021.

How to apply the highlighter correctly?

As with all Makeup products, there are some tricks to make the illuminator be much more effective and look as natural and bright as possible. Here is the senior MAC artist, Dom Skinner share your tips. The key words: correct application. If doubts persist, check out this guide on how to apply cream and powder highlighter.

Add different layers of highlighter

The key to creating a skin that shines and looking healthy instead of obviously ‘lit up’ is layering different products. ‘When you apply a illuminator, sometimes it can look like a big metallic stripe, and what we really want is to try to mix textures, ‘he states. Skinner.

Many experts tout the benefits of applying a thick moisturizer, such as Weleda Skin Food, to hydrate Deeply the skin in the area to be highlighted (on the top of the cheek and brow bone, for example), before applying other products, including foundation, on top. This helps attract light, and you will achieve a wet finish.

Usually, Skinner advises to first apply a illuminator very subtle, followed by one that looks a bit wetter to catch the light, and then finish by patting with a illuminator have the consistency of translucent balm on top. The important thing is that you experiment with different formulas to create a finish that you really like.

Don’t be afraid to mix formulas

One of the most important tips of Skinner is that you use a spray for your face and thus you can alter the usual consistency of your highlighter. ‘I always start with MAC Prer & Prime Fix + Magic Radiance spray, as a base coat, because when you add illuminator powder on top, this helps hold me in place and creates a more delicate shine, ‘he says.

‘I also like to spray it directly on the illuminator to create a more liquid or creamy consistency, this is ideal for a perfect finish. ‘ So mix a few drops of essential oils within a illuminator in cream can make it become lighter, since when applied the skin is illuminated with that effect that is only achieved after you have done a facial. ‘You just have to apply it with light tapping and it looks amazing, ‘he says.

Here are some examples:

MAC’s Prep & Prime Fix + Magic Radiance Mist

Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Setting Spray

Find an illuminator for yourself

Not sure where to start? Look for subtle formulas that contain a slight shine – your goal is to create a look that is less metallic, more like bare skin… only better. Meanwhile, formulas that go overboard on the bright side are good by nature and simply require a good blend on the skin to achieve a perfect glow.

These are options:

Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick

NARS Euphoria Face Dew

Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Moisture Stick

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Star Highlighter

One last trick

Apply lip balm. ‘Everyone has lip balm at home, what you need is to take some with your fingers and press it. The perfect finish for an already illuminated cheek, even if you don’t have highlighter put, because it creates a nice shine, ‘says Skinner.

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