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How to activate Movistar + on devices

You can activate Movistar + on your devices to watch the contracted channels live or to watch deferred and on demand a catalog with about 6,000 different titles and all the programs emitted in the last days. To do this, you need to have Movistar + activated on your devices and activate your account from what was before Yomvi from your Movistar account. We explain how.

What is it?

Movistar + can be viewed through the online application that allows us to access live content or on demand via the Internet although we don’t have the operator’s decoder handy. What we used to know as Yomvi. It allows us to watch series, movies or programs and even download to watch offline without connection if we are going to go on a trip. You can do it directly if you have a Movistar + Lite account but if you have Movistar as the main operator and a Merger rate you will need to activate it To make it work.

Where to see?

The first thing we have to keep in mind is on which devices is Movistar + compatible.

  • Samsun Smart TV models from 2012 onwards
  • Samsung Smart TV after 2016 if you want profiles and personal recordings
  • LG Smart TVs since 2012
  • LG models after 2016 if you want to have profiles or personal recordings
  • Hisense TVs after 2020 with VIDAA OS 4.0 technology
  • Android TV models from 2015 onwards and with Android TV 6.0
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick in all its models and Amazon Fire TV Cube
  • Apple TV in generation 4 and 5
  • Chromecast with Google TV or Chromecast through the mobile app
  • IOS phones and tablets with iOS 11 or higher
  • Android phones and tablets with Android 5.0 or later
  • Computers with a compatible browser: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Firefox and Opera. Silverlight essential if you use Internet Explorer.


How to activate

In order to see the live channels or the on-demand content, we need to activate Movistar + on the different devices by accessing our passwords. The first, of course, is to have contracted a Fusion package of Movistar + that allows us to see it from the mobile or the computer or any other compatible device.

To activate Movistar on devices we must follow these steps:

  • Open the Movistar + or Yomvi website
  • Find the section “How to see Movistar + on devices”
  • Go to “Activate your account”
  • Tap on the green “Activate” button
  • It will give you two options: activate by satellite or activate with decoder

M + equipment

  • Choose the first
  • Fill in the form data then

Keep in mind that to activate Movistar + on your devices, at least 48 hours must elapse after your TV service is installed. In addition, you will have to choose an email that will be your username to identify yourself in movistar + on your devices and the process is completely free, you do not have to pay anything extra.

Fill in the details:

  • Name and surname
  • NIF
  • Landline
  • Mobile phone
  • Email

Fill out

You will immediately receive a welcome email where you will have the access codes. Use the keys received and your email to enter your devices. We recommend that you do it first from the browser or from a mobile and tablet app to be able to easily change the password (it is usually more convenient to do so from the TV or from Android TV, for example)

Change Password

It is recommended that you change the password that comes by default and that you bet on one that you will remember, which is easier to be more secure and unique. Once you have logged into your account from the browser or the app, go to “Client area” at the top right of the browser. Here you will see all your personal data and at the end you will find your web username or email and your password.

Client area

Tap on “modify” and choose the one you want to use from now on. You will already have access to Movistar+ for all your devices and you can log in wherever and whenever you want.

Change password Movistar

Activate if you have satellite TV

Although it is usually the least common, you can activate devices if you have Movistar satellite television by following a few steps and filling in a form from the operator. You will have to go to the corresponding link where you have to fill in the card number of the satellite decoder with 12 digits. Once you enter it, you will have toCard

What should you keep in mind?

There are a number of options and requirements that we must take into account.


Keep in mind that Movistar + football matches cannot be viewed from a Smart TV if you are not at home. That is, if you have contracted Fusion packages that include football, you will not be able to watch them from a television at a friend or relative’s house, you will be able to watch it from smartphones, computers and tablets. If you are at home Movistar + will detect that this is the case and you will be able to see it from the Smart TV.

movistar bar fusion soccer

Registered devices

There are also requirements when accessing from many devices: you can be identified on up to five devices at the same time and no more. That is, when you log in with a sixth device you will see that it replaces the first one you have linked and so on. You do not have to delete it manually, but by logging in to a sixth, the first one you had will be deleted. But you can also go to a device management website to see where you have logged in.


Simultaneous devices

Keep in mind that you can only be connected and playing at a time on a number of devices, no more. Yes, you can see Movistar + inside your own home (if you have Fusion and fiber and it detects that you are at home) in three devices in addition to the cable box or the decoders you have. In addition, a fourth device can access content from outside the home. In total, no more than four devices at a time not counting the decos but three of them at home.

I move Movistar interface


You can see Movistar + if you have activated it by following the previous steps, but what happens if we go abroad? It depends on where you are traveling. You can use it in the European Union, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein in the same way as in Spain and with the same contents. If you travel outside of these countries you will not see Movistar +.

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