How to access the hidden Windows 10 start menu and what functions it includes | Technology

In just a second you will be able to access this hidden Windows 10 start menu, which will open a new window of possibilities and save you a lot of time.

While Windows 10 is a fairly intuitive operating system, and we can find basically anything we need to configure by simply typing it in the integrated search box, the truth is that things could be much simplified.

Most people, when they try to search for something in Windows 10, in addition to the aforementioned search box, click on the Windows icon that is located in the lower left part of the screen interface, and through it, accessing through of several folders or shortcuts, you can end up locating anything, although it may take a while.

Surely it is not the first time that you have wanted to access the installed applications, the power options, the device manager, the task manager or even the configuration in a much faster way, but you have not remembered exactly how to access them, something that you will have at the stroke of a single click with the following trick.

And there is a hidden start menu in Windows 10 which you can access clicking with the right button of your mouse on the Windows icon located in the lower left area of ​​the screen.

When doing so, we will see that a pop-up window will appear, where through it we can access several shortcuts of very common actions in the operating system, such as those mentioned above, and where we will even be able to turn off the computer, suspend it or restart , and many more things.

You can also access this hidden start menu pressing the Windows key on your keyboard and the X button at the same time. On the other hand, if you have a touch device, you can access this hidden start menu by pressing the Windows icon at the bottom left of the screen with your finger for a couple of seconds.

So from now on, instead of spending several minutes trying to find the happy file manager, the task manager, the power options or the applications that we have installed, we simply access this hidden start menu that you have available and that little people know.

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