How the weather will be on December 31 and January 1 in Mar del Plata «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

The health recommendation of the Ministry of Health of the Nation invites to celebrate the end of the year parties as much as possible outdoor. To follow the suggestion, no doubt the climate issue is central. In Mar del Plata the good weather accompanied the celebration of Christmas, butwhat will happen next December 31st?

After a mostly cloudy weekend, the National Weather Service forecast three days with good temperatures but with a probability of rain.

So, between this Monday and Wednesday there could be rainfall in Mar del Plata, according to the extended forecast prepared by the agency.

For this Monday the maximum temperature is expected to rise to 24 degree, the sky would remain cloudy and isolated storms could register towards the night. Rainfall is expected to persist on Tuesday, by which time the thermometer is expected to reach 26 degrees.

On Wednesday December 30, in the prelude to the celebrations to say goodbye to 2020, there would also be isolated storms which, in principle, are announced for the first hours of the day. As the day passed, the sky would clear and the temperature would climb to 26 degrees.

After these three days with (average) probability of rain, in Mar del Plata Thursday, December 31, it would be presented with better weather conditions. Although at the moment the last day of the year is not expected to be especially hot – the maximum forecast is 23 degrees – no rainfall is expected and the sky would remain partially to slightly cloudy.

Toward the night of the 31, time to gather around the table to say goodbye to 2020, the same weather conditions would be maintained, with good temperature (between 20 and 23 degrees) to enjoy the outdoors and Light winds between 13 and 22 kilometers per hour from the south.

After the festivities, the first day of 2021 would start with a similar scenario. For Mar del Palta, the National Meteorological Service predicts a maximum temperature of 22 degree and a day with partially cloudy skies. The wind could rotate to the southeast.

So far no rain is officially forecast, which indicates that it would be possible to follow the sanitary recommendation and celebrate New Year’s Eve outdoors, as well as starting January 1 on the beach, with a coat always at hand naturally. From there on, the temperature would rise to give rise to the most anticipated month of the season.

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