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How Strizhenova feels after a fall in a television studio

On the eve of the broadcast “Vremya Pokazhet” on Channel One, an emergency occurred. The presenter of the program, Ekaterina Strizhenova, stumbled in the frame and could not keep her balance, collapsing with her back to the floor. The footage of the incident flew around the Network, and many viewers were seriously worried about the health of the star. Indeed, after the break for advertising, Strizhenova did not return to the air.

As the co-host of Strizhenova, Ruslan Ostashko, voiced, Ekaterina received a hand injury and was sent for medical help. Later in the microblogging, he told how she was doing.

“Ekaterina Strizhenova stumbled, fell and injured her arm! A preliminary suspicion of a fracture, ”Ostashko said cautiously. And he offered the viewers: “Let’s wish her a speedy recovery! Now she is in the hands of experienced doctors, and I hope with all my heart that her health has not been seriously affected. “

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Ruslan Ostashko added that the profession of a TV presenter can be dangerous. As it turned out, the shooting can end not only with heated arguments and raised voices.

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