How much will the discounts be for the 2021 CDMX property in January and February?

From this first of January 2021, you can take advantage of discounts when paying the annual building From Mexico City (CDMX).

This is how the Administration and Finance Secretariat From the capital. Well, he detailed that these reductions in annual property payments are available only during January and February.

“In order to support the economy of families, we increased the discounts on the annual advance payment of the 2021 property,” said the CDMX agency.

These discounts in the payment of the property can also be made based on the program of months without interest with credit cards. And, in the same way, there are more than 8 thousand centers, between treasury kiosks and banks, as well as some stores, where you can pay.

In that sense, if you pay the annual fee during January 2021, you can take advantage of a 10% discount. Whereas, if you decide to do it in February 2021, the discount will be 6%.

“These discounts (on the property), in addition to being greater than what was established the previous year, are the result of the effort and commitment that the city government has with the people of the capital. And a way to support the economy of families and small and medium-sized businesses, “said the authorities of the CDMX.

With information from Milenio.

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