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How much does an Uber driver make in the United States?

How much does an Uber driver make in the United States?

If you already plan to return to work, Uber is in high demand and will pay additional incentives temporarily.

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With the pandemic, millions of people lost their jobs and had to confine themselves for more than a year to avoid infections. But the application of massive vaccines is helping to accelerate the return to normality as well as the economic recovery of the country.

If you have thought about joining Uber to occupy a few hours of your day or even to work full time it is important to know how much the company pays per hour.

Dennis Cinelli, Uber’s vice president of mobility for the US and Canada, shared what members are currently perceiving * in some cities in the United States and considers that It is a good time to join in the face of the greater demand that has been registered in recent weeks, as people resume their activities:

Town: Phoenix
Average hourly earnings: $25.94

Town: Miami
Average hourly earnings: $26.05

Town: Austin
Average hourly earnings: $26.66

Town: Chicago
Average hourly earnings: $28.73

Town: Philadelphia

Average hourly earnings: $31.03

The amounts quoted are independent of tips, and Cinelli points out that Uber is launching a $ 250 million stimulus “to boost drivers’ already high earnings.”.

With these incentives and reinforced guarantees, Uber seeks to welcome the existing drivers who for some reason left, as well as new ones who are thinking of taking care of the first time.

The Uber spokesperson notes that in 2020, many drivers stopped driving because they couldn’t count on enough trips to make it worth their time. But in 2021, there are more passengers than drivers available to provide them., “Which makes it a great time to be a driver.”

Uber noted that its incentive program will be temporary, meaning that over time earnings will return to pre-Covid levels, but meanwhile drivers can start working with higher earnings.

“We hope that new and old drivers will seize this opportunity over the next few months and join us as cities move again,” said Cinelli.

* Figures above represent median hourly earnings, after Uber service fee, for all time on the Uber app (not just committed time) for drivers who spend 20 hours online per week.

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