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how it was in Nation, Province and City

If Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner had so far concentrated the greatest tension and attention within the ruling party, a new name emerged to shake the board of the Frente de Todos. The move of Kirchnerism hard to enthron in advance to Maximum Kirchner as new head of the Buenos Aires PJ put the son of the vice president in the before premiere of the political debate. The play, anticipated by Clarín, woke up the Peronist mayors of the Conurbano, who wanted to continue operating that historic button panel. Did the alarm go off late?

Although the head of the party in the largest electoral district in the country was to be renewed at the end of December 2021From La Cámpora they have already made it known that they want the head of the ruling party’s national deputies bloc to land there at the beginning of the year. The notice reached the current head of the provincial Peronism, Fernando Gray, mayor of Esteban Echeverría by telephone. On the other side of the line, the Minister of the National Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, informed him.

This weekend, Alberto Fernández himself came out to publicly praise Máximo. The guarantee that was missing? A sector of the Government assumes that the deputy will advance on the party position when the President begins to lead the PJ at the national level. It is speculated that it would be in March. Presumed balance of powers.

In this context, the image numbers of the heir K. Clarion analyzes three polls that were released in the last month and measured it at the national, provincial level and even in the City. How do people view the most pointed man in politics right now? In general, not very good. He barely passes in the Conurbano.

For Synopsis, it only beats Massa and Espert

It is a consulting firm created in 2015. Since then, it measures for the elections but also prepares conjuncture monitoring (monthly or biweekly) that it disseminates among different private clients. His last study was a survey of 1,231 cases between December 4 and 8.

In the area of ​​images he evaluated there 10 leaders national in scope, including the son of the vice president. In the positive picture table, Maximum was 8th, only above Sergio Massa and José Luis Espert.

survey synopsis image maximo kirchner 1

The head of block K combined 11.2% of “very good” image and 11% of good image (22.2% of total positive), with 6.2% of “bad” and 57.5% of “very bad” (63.7% of total refusal). It completed with 12% of “neither good nor bad” and the rest “ns / nc”. The assessment against it was so high that it left it with a negative balance of e of 40 points.

Pulp, meanwhile, ended with a spread of – 51.3 points, by a positive of 15.7% (4.7% of “very good” and 11% of “good” and a negative of 67% (18.3% of “bad” and 48.7% of “very bad “).

Expert, finally, had minor positive than Maximum (21%, by 5.8% of “very good” and 15.2% of “good”), but best differential (- 20.8 points).

For D’Alessio IROL – Berensztein, it is an example of the crack

They are two firms that jointly measure and publish a complete monthly monitoring of “Social and Political Humor” for more than two years. Earlier this month they released their latest study, with 1,372 cases.

Máximo Kirchner was included in the image tables as of December 2019. He started with 36 positive points and from there remains relatively stable. In April of this year it had its peak of 38 and in August it fell to 30. In November, the most recent data, it rounded 32.

With that figure I was 13th out of 19 acting leaders that were evaluated. He shared a position with the Legal and Technical Secretary Vilma Ibarra (32%) and beat the ministers Nicolás Trotta, Matías Lammens (both with 31% positive) and Sabina Frederic (22%), the deputy Massa (25%) and Governor Sergio Uñac (25%).

The latest national poll of D'Alessio IROL - Berensztein.  The politicians who are above Máximo Kirchner in image.

The latest national poll of D’Alessio IROL – Berensztein. The politicians who are above Máximo Kirchner in image.

The latest national poll of D'Alessio IROL - Berensztein.  Máximo Kirchner, a clear example of the crack.

The latest national poll of D’Alessio IROL – Berensztein. Máximo Kirchner, a clear example of the crack.

Above Máximo were Horacio Rodríguez Larreta (52% of the image in favor), Alberto F. (44%), Diego Santilli (43%), Mario Negri (42%), Martín Lousteau (41%), Luis Juez (39% ), Kicillof (38%), Santiago Cafiero (37%), Cristina (36%), Eduardo de Pedro (36%), Agustín Rossi (36%) and Alfredo Cornejo (35%).

If the other politicians evaluated who are not in management are inserted, above the son of the vice president were María Eugenia Vidal (47% positive), Patricia Bullrich (44%), Elisa Carrió (38%), Rogelio Frigerio (35 %) and Emilio Monzó (34%); the same Ricardo López Murphy (32%) and they appeared with worse numbers than Máximo, Margarita Stolbizer (30%), Mauricio Macri (29%) and Espert (19%).

Another salient data is how Máximo was split by the crack. When the image data is detailed according to political affinity, the deputy combines 65% positive among the voters of the FdT and only 1% among those of JxC. Brutal example of polarization.

Real Time Data: good in the GBA, bad in the City and the interior

It is a consulting firm created in 2019 and that makes daily update measurements. It is directed by a former Poliarquía, Nicolás Solari. At the beginning of the month he presented his latest study, 960 cases nationwide.

In the image tests he included more than 20 government and opposition leaders, and presented the results with different cuts. One national, general; and others with data from the City, Greater Buenos Aires and the interior of the country.

v 1.5

The image of Máximo Kirchner 3

Tap to explore the data
Tap to explore the data

Source: Real Time Data (RTD)
Infographic: Clarion

In the national table, ordered by positive image, Máximo Kirchner figure 14 °, with 34%. When the negative of 62% is subtracted, it is left with a differential of – 28 points, only surpassed (on the bad side) by Macri and Hugo Moyano.

– In the City, the head of block K was latest between 21, with only 27% positive.

– At Interior ended 19° with 30% (it barely surpassed Ofelia Fernández -24% – and Juan Grabois -28% -).

– And in the GBA is where you do best: it adds 43% of valuation in favor, which allows it to reach a worthy ninth place.

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