How does skimming work, the fraud with which your card is cloned at ATMs?

Some of the Condusef’s recommendations to avoid this fraud before paying or using ATMs: check the slot where the card is inserted, avoid asking for help from unknown people, avoid ATMs in lonely places, avoid someone else look at the PIN and demand that the charges be made in plain sight.

Mexico City, January 1 (However) .- The skimming, O card cloning, is one of the ways in which scammers They seek to deceive and defraud people in Mexico. Even in times of health contingency, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) warned about this type of fraud.

It is a kind of fraud consisting of copy the data contained in the magnetic stripe of a card with a scan machine call skimmer.

But how do you know if a card was cloned? If, suddenly, the account to which the plastic he stayed without funds or there is a drop in the balance, give voice to alert, because there are two ways in which you can know that you were the victim of a swindler.

“For this reason it is important to constantly review your account status,” said Condusef.

What can you do if you are a victim of card cloning? The Condusef proposed four steps that it suggests to users of banking services that they may find themselves in this situation:

-Communicate as quickly as an unrecognized movement is detected with the financial institution’s emergency line.

-Request cancellation of the card to avoid further charges.

-File a complaint and report unacknowledged charges.

-Try to remember all the details, such as balance, date, time and place where the card was last used.

To avoid falling for this scam or to be able to have greater attention in a situation of skimming, The Condusef stated that before paying or making use of the ATMs it is recommended:

-Check the slot where the card is inserted and where the money comes out and if you notice something strange, do not use it and report it.

-When performing an operation at the ATM, it is better to avoid asking for help from strangers.

-If you are dealing with an elderly person, it is advisable to ask someone you trust for company.

-Avoid ATMs in lonely places.

-When entering the PIN, you should prevent someone else from seeing it.

-In the case of payment in shops or gas stations, it was recommended to demand that the charges be made in sight, with mobile terminals and check that they do not have any added device.

In addition, the Condusef made available to card users to communicate with this institution in case the claim request made to a bank is delayed or does not present progress.

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