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How to find out the battery status on phones with Apple or Android operating systems.

The battery life of cell phones is one of the main concerns of users, since these devices are part of the daily life of many people in their personal and work lives, so it is desired that they can be kept on for as long as possible.

Most cell phone batteries are lithium batteries and will inevitably degrade over time, affecting both the charge capacity and the recharge cycle.

Knowing this, you may want to preserve the health of your phone’s battery. We will show you how to monitor the battery status of your Android or iPhone device to keep your device running smoothly for as long as possible.


Check the battery status through a phone code

When entering a code for a phone number, you can go to the internal menu of the device, although it should be noted that this option may be disabled on some cell phones.

To access this menu, you must write down in the call application *#*#4636#*#* and wait a few seconds.

Photo: El Español newspaper

When entering the code, a section will appear with a lot of information about your device, such as the IMEI number, the time of use of the applications, all the data of the Wi-Fi connection, even the health status of the battery.

Android phone battery health status. Photo: El Español newspaper

For example, in this image you can see the section of information about the battery, where you can see its status, voltage, temperature and the current level of charge. However, not all devices that display this menu provide this information.

Check battery status by apps

Since in several Android devices there are no default applications that show the battery status, there are different applications that can help you learn about quick and easy way this information in your smartphone.

One of these apps is CPU-Z, which allows, among other interesting options, to find out how the battery is. Another is Ampere, which allows you to know in detail all the parameters of your battery and its current status. There is also AccuBattery, which analyzes the battery usage of the hardware and software of your phone to get an estimate of the current charging capacity.


If you have a mobile with the iOS operating system, the first thing you have to know is that you do not need to install any application. If you need have the latest system versions (iOS 12 or higher), and in them you can already view this data.

The steps to follow are as follows: go to the Settings of your iPhone or iPad> in the ‘Battery’ menu> go to ‘Battery health’. There the maximum capacity will be displayed: if it is in a high percentage (above 80%) the battery health is good.

Steps to extend the life of the phone

However, it is possible to make the phone battery last longer and extend its useful life by following some tips.

Although it is believed that it is good to charge the battery to 100%, it is recommended not to do so. It is better to partially charge the device and never reach the top of its charge. There is also no waiting for the device to go to 0%, as it can be detrimental to energy performance.

If you want charge your device several times a day, there is no problem in doing it, but it will be better if these charges are for short periods.

Another way to make the battery last longer is avoid forgetting the phone in the sun, especially in times of sun and heat such as summer. The battery carries many chemical components and the heat can work against it. High temperatures can cause the battery to lose functionality.

Finally, you should avoid using unofficial chargers. It is better to use those that have the power that the terminal needs, and they even recommend using those that come in the original packaging. (I)

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