We tell you about unexpected facts from the biography of a man who conquered half of the female population of Russia, if not more.

“Happy birthday dad!” – reads the caption to this photo, which Kirill Nagiyev posted on his Instagram a couple of years ago. In the frame there is little Kiryusha, who is not more than 5 years old in the picture, and his famous dad is still very slender, and most importantly – with hair on his head. Over the past couple of decades, a lot has changed in the life of Dmitry Nagiyev.

Today he is not only one of the most famous representatives of Russian show business, but also one of the most mysterious and secretive. Fans, for example, do not know anything about his personal life and still cannot understand how many children and … wives he has. And where there are many secrets, there are many rumors. Dmitry never comments on them and occasionally talks about something intimate, and even then “camouflaging” his confessions with jokes and sarcasm.

Once, in an interview with Woman.ru, Dmitry Vladimirovich (this is how his colleagues refer to him) admitted that he always cries when he watches “White Bim Black Ear” and “Titanic”. And he is also sure that without love, everything is meaningless. What a man! You will love him even more when you learn a few other, very curious moments from the biography of the country’s main alpha male.

Filming in “Yeralash”

Dmitry Nagiyev has acted in “Yeralash” more than once, being already an adult man and a famous actor. But did you know that he appeared in a children’s television magazine as a child?

The release with the participation of little Dima was called “Shameful Spot” – the young actor spent no more than 13 seconds on the screen, but this was his debut, albeit in a small, but still a movie.

Insulting nickname at school

Today Dmitry is a handsome man with prominent muscles. And in his school years, evil classmates called him “fat barrel” and “fattrest”. The ridicule stopped after the fourth grade, when the future alpha male began to actively engage in sports. The results were not long in coming – in a few years the young man lost 12 kg, became the champion of Leningrad in sambo and rose to the rank of master of sports.

Facial nerve palsy

Not everyone knows that the famous “Nagiev’s squint” is the result of a serious illness. Dmitry Nagiyev has facial nerve palsy. He has been living with this diagnosis for over 30 years.

In his second year, during one of the rehearsals of a student play, the muscles on his face suddenly stopped moving – the actor was paralyzed. An ambulance arrived and took the young man to the hospital, where he spent more than a month.

The doctors shrugged their shoulders – the treatment did not help. The case helped: from a sharp gust of wind in the ward, a window broke. Greatly frightened, the patient shuddered and suddenly felt one eye twitch, then the other. Over time, the mobility of the face returned, but only partially.

Love for second hand

Dmitry and his brother Zhenya were raised by their mother alone. The rapidly growing boys had to be dressed in thrift stores – there was no money for others in an incomplete family. Having become an adult and wealthy person, Nagiyev did not lose interest in second-hand goods. It is there that he often replenishes his black and gray wardrobe.

“Once, before going to Paris, I turned to Alexander Vasiliev, who advised me to a store opened by the Marquise Pompadour. There she handed over her once-worn toilets, “the fashionista shared in an interview with the Sobaka.ru magazine.

You have probably noticed more than once that the TV presenter’s hands are decorated with numerous rings and bracelets. Nagiyev also prefers to buy them at pawnshops. He does not limit himself in his choice, so he has amassed a collection of fashionable silver weighing as much as 27 kg!

Meeting with supermodels

And here is another fashion fact from Dmitry’s biography. In 1997, he met three supermodels – Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista and Eva Herzigova.

Long-legged girls (this is what Dmitry called them in an interview) flew to St. Petersburg to participate in a fashion show, in which Nagiyev was the host. In order to meet foreign guests in all its glory, our hero decided to buy himself a tuxedo, for which he went to the fair at the SKK (Sports and Concert Complex).

I chose for a long time and carefully and in the end I spent exactly twice as much as the fee that I should have received for that evening. For the sake of women, he does not feel sorry for anything.

Charitable foundation

This year, Nagiyev was included in the list of the wealthiest Russian actors according to Forbes. According to the estimates of the publication, Dmitry is “worth” the most – 3 million 200 thousand dollars (about 210 million rubles). The TV presenter spends part of this money on charity.

Few people know that in 2012 Nagiyev headed the Anna Foundation, which helps children from disadvantaged backgrounds, children with physical and mental disabilities and orphans. To this step he was to some extent pushed by his beloved mother Lyudmila Zakharovna, who once said: “First, make sure that the person who is next to you feels good – in communication, in bed, everywhere. And then think about yourself. ” Dmitry has been following this principle for many years.

Bald head

Nagiyev never had a lush head of hair, but Dmitry did not immediately decide to shave baldly. For a long time, he considered the lack of hair on his head something shameful. But time goes on, everything changes. Including the opinion of our hero about male beauty: “I began to read some abstruse works about bald people, and it began to dawn on me: if water washes away something bad from a person, then if you shave your head, there will be a complete renewal! “. Since then, our hero almost every day comes to the mirror, armed with a hair clipper and a razor.

And finally, a very funny moment from the biography that happened 29 years ago. On August 31, 1989, when Nagiyev became a father, he was asked to decide on a name for his son. We chose between Andrey, Denis and Kirill. In the end, the latter won. When registering, the young father confidently wrote “Kiril Dmitrievich Nagiyev”. The paper was returned to him and was told that such a name did not exist. After much clarification, Nagiyev realized that this name was spelled with two “l”.

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