Each of the sharks from Shark Tank México has a history of success that arose from knowing about businesses from a very young age.

Arturo Elías Ayub He is not far behind, since from the age of 7 he began to learn about entrepreneurship and investments, thanks to his father’s cloth store in the Historic Center of Mexico City.

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Previously, we shared with you how Rodrigo Herrera made his fortune and this time we tell you how it was that Arturo Elías Ayub became an expert in numbers and in the shark from Shark Tank more sincere and objective.

Arturo Elías Ayub fortune and companies

Arturo Elías Ayub, was born on April 27, 1966 in Mexico City, so he is currently 54 years old.

He took his first steps as an entrepreneur when he was 7 years old, when he sold school supplies at his school that he bought wholesale.

Also, she loved going to the uniform and fabric store that her father had in the Historic Center of the city.

Arturo says that he really liked serving customers who came to the textile business and that is how he began to learn about business.

He studied Business Administration at the Anahuac University and in 1995 he married Johanna Slim, daughter of one of the richest Mexicans in the world.

In 96, went to work at Telmex As an advisor to the general management, the place where the prepaid cell phone method was invented and the internet service was brought to Mexico.

In parallel to his work, to continue his passion, football, in 2001 he became President of the Pumas de la UNAM, a club that left him many successes.

But not everything has been a success story in Elijah AyubWell, once you rejected a friend’s business proposal, due to the valuation it had. To his surprise, the venture, which was nothing more and nothing less than Snapchat, was very successful and amassed a fortune.

Despite this entrepreneurial ‘slip’, Ayub has not taken his finger off the line and is now committed to supporting Mexican entrepreneurs with innovative and ambitious ideas that, of course, give good numbers and results.

In fact, he was the one who brought Shark Tank a México, as he was a fan of the program that originated in Japan and later in the United States, and was interested in the idea of ​​bringing it to Mexico.

Those involved accepted his proposal on the condition that he appear on the show and he accepted.

Currently, it is director of UNO TV and Claro Sports, and is part of the Grupo Carso Board of Directors and Inbursa Financial Group, but he has also been in charge of motivating and teaching young entrepreneurs about numbers through his social networks.

In addition to that, Ayub took advantage of the time in the pandemic to write his book “The Negotiator”, in which he tells his success story and gives all his advice to undertake.

“My idea of ​​joining Shark Tank was to motivate young people to start companies, and I think that to a great extent it has been achieved. The motivation to create entrepreneurs so that they create jobs, that is what gives me the greatest satisfaction “he said in an interview for UVM Talks.

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