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House Education Commission generally approves bill to include vegan menu in Junaeb

Last Tuesday, the Education Commission of the Chamber of Deputies generally approved the project that seeks to include vegan and vegetarian menu options to the boys, girls and adolescents of the School Feeding Program (PAE).

The initiative presented by the deputy Juan Santana (PS) and promoted by the NGO Animal Libre, seeks that establishments have an option for those who do not consume products of animal origin whether for health, religion or lifestyle in favor of animals and the environment.

The project was recast with that of Cristina Girardi, presented previously and is related to a healthy diet for the PAE. After being approved in general and unanimously, now it must be voted in particular, which is expected to happen in May.

Every year there are more children and adolescents who eat this type of diet but do not have the support of the State, unlike their peers, “said Mauricio Serrano, director general of the NGO Animal Libre.

“We hope that the project continues to advance so that the option of a vegan menu is mandatory in the medium term,” he added about the #MiMenuVegano initiative, promoted by the organization since 2015.

It should be noted that this campaign has had the support of different figures. In 2018, the renowned singer Morrissey sent a letter to the director of Junaeb, Jaime Tohá, to include these types of menus in the establishments. However, he answered negatively, stating that they should “attend to other emergencies.”

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