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Horror Find – Family had 90 venomous snakes under the house

Expert Al Wolf is used to having to remove a snake or two. But even the hardened employee of the Sonoma County Reptile Rescue did not expect this find. He came across 90 poisonous rattlesnakes under a house!

After he was called by the owner of the house in Santa Rosa, California, because she suspected that a snake had made itself comfortable under her porch, he looked closely and actually pulled out a reptile, then another, then one more thing …

“In the next almost four hours, I kept finding snakes,” said Wolf. “I thought: Oh, well, it was worth it, but I was happy to come out again, because it’s not nice, you come across cobwebs and dirt, it smells awful, it’s musty, you lie on your stomach and you’re dirty . I mean it was work ”.

A job that has paid off. When he first visited the house on October 2, he removed 22 adult rattlesnakes and 59 babies using a two-inch snake pole. Since then, he has come two more times and picked up 11 more snakes. He also found a dead cat and a dead possum.

All of the snakes were North Pacific rattlesnakes, the only venomous snake found in Northern California, he says. Wolf, who has been saving snakes for 32 years and has already been bitten 13 times, for having seen dozen of them in one place in the wild, but never under a house.

Rattlesnakes usually hibernate from October to April, finding rocks and warm spots to hide and returning to the same spot year after year. The house owners apparently did not remove any stones during the construction, so that they became an attractive shelter for the snakes.

Incidentally, he released his snake find in the wild – far away from houses!

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