By Ishtar Freya

Dear cosmic family, we are starting this beautiful month of April and I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all Aries that they are giving a new turn to the sun.

The new astrological year also begins, marked by the spring equinox and the entry of the sun in the sign of the ram.

I tell you the features of the zodiac sign aries, A bit of his mythology and how you can distinguish his personality.

Aries characteristics

Ruling planet: Mars

Color: Orange Red

Element: Fire

Signo Cardinal

Station: Spring

Character: Impulsive

Light side: Hardworking, enterprising, brave, energetic.

Dark side: Possessive, rebellious, violent

Weekday: Tuesday

Sign: The RAM

Perfumes: Sandalwood

Precious stones and metals: Ruby, garnet and diamond

How to recognize an Aries?

An Aries is a person full of energy, dynamism and enthusiasm. They are always Pioneers, because they dare to start things that perhaps other signs would not do, they are adventurers, they love challenges, freedom and new ideas. Aries like to take leadership and prefer to manage rather than obey. It is the first sign of the zodiacal wheel and symbolizes creation.

Aries are quick in their reactions and are confident in their power. They act before reasoning, they do not like to feel that they waste time thinking about problems, instead of solving them. They tend to be impulsive and somewhat impatient. They do not like to feel that they have been wrong or that they have failed.

They are independent people who can be obsessed with achieving their goals. In their personal relationships, Aries is usually noble and natural; he values ​​and takes care of the friends he has, although he can hurt those who love him, by being brusque when expressing his opinions. Aries loves with great passion, because sex for Aries is an adventure.

They are independent and concerned with their own ambition and goals. They have a very powerful energy that sometimes leads them to be aggressive, restless, argumentative, stubborn. It is easy to offend Aries and when they are offended, it is difficult to reach an agreement. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and, in this sense, its role is to start something. If an Aries begins to believe in a good cause, he will fight tirelessly to defend it.

If you read this because your person of interest is Aries, I would love to read your experiences, how are they getting along?


Atamante, the King of Coronea, had with his first wife Nefele (Cloud) two children: a boy whom he named Frixo and a girl, Hele. After separating from Nefele, he joined his second wife Ino, daughter of Cadmus king of Thebes, with whom he had two other children: Learco and Melicertes. Ino was extremely envious of her first children, especially Frixo, and plans to kill them to ensure the inheritance rights of her own children.

Thus, he ruins the corn harvest and succeeds in having King Atamante, in view of this catastrophe and without suspecting Ino’s plan, send messengers to the Oracle of Delphi to achieve peace with the gods. The messenger, under orders from the queen, tells the king that it was the gods’ wish that he sacrifice Prince Phryxus in a ritual and Atamante, hurt and desperate, agrees. According to legend, Nefele, after the king refused to save his children, decides to protect them by assigning them a guardian: a Ram whose wool was golden that had been presented to her by Hermes.

According to Greek mythology, this ram, devoted to Queen Nefele and her children, rides the heirs on her back and begins to travel the skies away from Ino’s clutches. Unfortunately, flying over a blanket of water, Hele slips and falls into the water, where she dies.

The place was formerly known as Hellespont in honor of her, now the Strait of the Dardanelles located between Europe and Asia. Phryxus, on the other hand, came to take refuge on the shores east of the Black Sea, and later married Calciope, daughter of King Aetes.

Legend has it that the prince, as a sign of gratitude, sacrifices the ram in honor of Zeus and presents the golden wool to the king, who places it in a sacred place jealously guarded by a dragon that never sleeps (from where Jason and the Argonauts must rescue him in the legend of the golden fleece).

Thus, Zeus immortalizes the ram for his courage by ordering the stars in the constellation of Aries.

Both in this culture and in the Babylonian, Egyptian, Persian and Roman, Aries is symbolized with a ram.

To understand more about the nature of Aries, we must know its ruling planet: Mars.

In Roman mythology, Mars had many attributes, he was the god of war, male virility, violence, passion, sexuality, bloodshed, bravery, patron of Roman warriors, of horror and victory in wars, perfection, honor and beauty.

In Astrology, Mars represents the way we face the challenges of life, the courage and courage with which we take and solve adversities; it is the desire to survive. Mars is passion at the service of action. It is creative force, determination and desire to conquer. It is pure energy. Mars prevails and gets what it wants, especially when it means defending its interests and preserving itself.

Mars is a masculine planet of movement and a lot of activity that gets into motion when it wants something. It externalizes its energy and manifests its energy to the environment with vigor. Sometimes he is demanding with himself and with others.

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