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Horacio Rodríguez Larreta first, Alicia Kirchner last and Axel Kicillof on the edge of the top ten

The ranking of governors who Clarion published since May, based on a province-by-province survey that makes CB Public Opinion Consultant, closed 2020 with changes. Very symbolic. The head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, recovered the first place of the table and the santacruceña Alicia kirchner, the last. Movements at the two poles of the crack. More data? The Buenos Aires Axel Kicillof still unable to enter top ten.

The table of presidents was assembled based on surveys of between 500 and 1,250 cases in each province, held between December 16 and 19. The data is presented with a margin of error of +/- 3.9%. Days ago, Clarín advanced another central part of the study: how is the fight between President Alberto Fernández and Larreta, district by district.

The tour of goverment’s head during the year it was generally rising,. in line with how people were seeing his management during the pandemic. When the ranking began, in May, Larreta debuted with a 9th place. In September it reached the top, it remained in October, but in November the Sergio Uñac.

Governor Alicia Kirchner with the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, at the end of January.

Governor Alicia Kirchner with the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, at the end of January.

The head of Government returned to point in December with 67,4% positive image. It improved almost two points compared to November. This rise, combined with a decrease of 0.5 of the Peronist San Juan Uñac (66.6%), allowed Larreta to regain the top. The podium was completed by the radical Mendoza Rodolfo Suarez, which remained in the same place despite falling 1.1 point in the last month (from 65.2% to 64,1%).

Suarez was the first leader that had this ranking. The others They were the Peronist from Salta Gustavo Saenz (June), the radical Correntino Gustavo Valdes (July), the missionary of the Renewing Front Oscar Herrera Ahuad (August), Larreta (September, October and December) and Uñac (November).

The luck of these pointers was mixed. He Perhaps the most striking case is that of Sáenz, which ended in December 16°, with 52,5% positive. When he led, in June, he had 71.3%, almost 20 points more. Valdes figure 4 in December, with 63,9% valuation in favor in your province and Herrera Ahuad 9th, with 60,7%.

Governors Ranking

The top ten governors with the best positive image are completed:

– 5° Sergio Ziliotto (PJ, La Pampa), 63,2%.

– 6° Jorge Capitanich (PJ, Chaco), 62,7%.

– 7° Omar Gutierrez (MPN, Neuquén), 61,5%.

– 8° Gustavo Bordet (PJ, Entre Ríos), 61,3%.

– 10° Gildo Insfran (PJ, Formosa), 59,5%.

The big three and the fight below

The governor who was relatively stable throughout the year in this table, but unable to break the barrier To enter the Group of 10, it is Kicillof. By about three points, in December it finished 11th (56.9%), below Insfrán. Symptomatic: the leader who makes his debut and the one who has been in office for 25 years. The two within the same political project.

Two other Peronist leaders from large provinces orbit from the middle down. They are the Cordoba Juan Schiaretti (14 °, with 54,1%) and the Santa Fe Omar perotti (17 °, with 50,,9%).

Interspersed, they were:

– 12° Alberto Rodríguez Saá (PJ, San Luis), 55,6%.

– 14° Gerardo Zamora (UCR K, Santiago del Estero), 53,9%.

– 15° Juan Manzur (PJ, Tucumán), 52,7%.

The fight below, meanwhile, can be divided in two. Those that are bad and those that are worse. All have less than 50 positive points.

In the first group appear:

– 18° Gerardo Morales placeholder image (UCR, Jujuy), 47,5%.

– 19° Raúl Jalil | (PJ, Catamarca), 46,8%.

– 20° Arabela Racing (Provincial Party, Río Negro), 46,2%.

– 21° Gustavo Melella (UCR K, Tierra del Fuego), 45,5%.

On the podium in the background there was another trio of Peronism:

– 22° Ricardo Quintela (PJ, La Rioja), 44,8%.

– 23° Mariano Arcioni (PJ, Chubut), 41,6%.

– 24° Alicia kirchner (PJ, Santa Cruz), 40,9%.

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