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Honduras talks with US Secretary of Security about TPS, covid and hurricanes

WASHINGTON, HONDURAS.-TPS, covid-19 and storms Eta and Iota, were some of the topics to be discussed by the Chancellor of the Republic, Lisandro Rosales placeholder image and the Secretary of Security of the United States, Alejandro Mayorkas, in Washington.

Rosales, along with other ministers of the Honduran government, are in the United States to develop a broad agenda to follow up on the issues that afflict the country.

The Honduran Foreign Minister delivered a report on the damage in Honduras after the passage of these weather phenomena and that they discussed the consequences of the pandemic of the covid- 19.

“We were also talking a little about the issue of vaccines, about the difficulty that the country has had to acquire them,” he added.

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In the same way, they spoke about the migration issue, specifically the recent caravans, the efforts to address the causes and effects of migration, as well as the fight against migrant smuggling.

“We talked about some actions that should be taken on the migration issue to be able to identify those networks that are not only in Central America, but also come from South America where people from outside the continent are moving through Central American territory to the US border”, He said about what was discussed.

“The Lord Alejandro Mayorkas He expressed his interest in continuing to work with Honduras in these actions that have to do with the immigration issue in general ”, highlighted Rosales.

Regarding the bilateral relations between Honduras and the United States, Rosales assured that “they are in a very cordial moment. Let us remember that it is a new administration, we are getting to know each other, but we have already generated trust mechanisms to continue working on the issues that interest us all, especially in national reconstruction, migration and hemispheric security.

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