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Honduras reveals that they offered vaccines for four times their price in the United States.

Washington, United States.

The chancellor of Honduras, Lisandro Rosales placeholder image, denounced this Friday that a United States pharmacist offered them the vaccine against covid-19 at a price four times higher than the market price to deliver it in January 2022, in an interview with Efe on Washington.

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“It has to do with the inequity that exists in this issue of the vaccine, which I believe is appropriate for it to be analyzed,” said the Honduran Foreign Minister.

In that sense, he recalled that the mechanism GAVI/Covax he is carrying out an analysis of this inequality, but, in his opinion, “the pharmaceutical companies must put their hands on their conscience.”

The program Covax – promoted by the WHO and the Alliance for Vaccines (GAVI) – seeks to guarantee global and equitable access to anticovid drugs.

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Rosales pointed out that while there are countries that have guaranteed their supply, still others, such as Honduras, are waiting to immunize their population.

“There are countries that have bought five vaccines for each inhabitant and there are countries that have not yet managed to have that capacity to vaccinate the population we need,” lamented the foreign minister.

According to the Chancellor, Honduras He has received doses of Covax and has been in contact with pharmaceutical companies to purchase them, but “unfortunately” the demand is greater than production, which has led to a delay in the arrival of vaccines in his country.

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Rosales indicated that Honduras, which accumulates 4.715 deaths and ones 194.000 infected, has already immunized 53.000 people thanks to a donation from 5.000 vaccines by Israel already 48.000 they received from the distribution mechanism Covax.

Asked about the possibility of them resorting to USA To request doses, the head of Honduran diplomacy stated that they have not made any request to Washington. EFE

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