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Honduras has been in dialogue with the US since February on immigration: Lisandro Rosales


Honduras has been in dialogue since February with the Joe Biden Administration on the immigration issue in a comprehensive and permanent manner, the Foreign Minister of the Central American country, Lisandro Rosales, said this Monday in Tegucigalpa.

“With us (the United States) they are already more advanced, we are already talking about specific issues, specific programs and projects,” Rosales emphasized when explaining why the US special envoy for the Northern Triangle of Central America, Ricardo Zúñiga, It has not included Honduras in its visit that began this Monday, and until Thursday, to Guatemala and El Salvador.

Some local analysts consider that Zúniga does not come to Honduras due to the allegations of corruption that plague the Government and the life sentence handed down in New York, on March 30, for drug trafficking, against Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernández, brother of the Honduran president, Juan Orlando Hernandez.

In a statement from the Honduran Foreign MinistryRosales indicated that last Friday he spoke with Ricardo Zúñiga.

“I am happy for El Salvador and Guatemala that they are already initiating these dialogues with the United States. Honduras began on February 4,” said the senior Honduran official.

He added that he, along with other representatives of the Government of Honduras, met with the ambassador and special envoy of the United States to the Northern Triangle of Central America and Mexico, Roberta Jacobson, and with the director for the Western Hemisphere of the National Security Council, Juan González.

“This Easter we had a very fruitful conversation, lasting approximately 40 minutes, with Ricardo (Zúñiga),” said Rosales.

In that conversation, he added, “we finalized details of the working groups that we have been conducting bilaterally with the United States since February 4.”

Conversations to continue in Washington

According to Rosales, the conversations of the Honduran government with Zúñiga, they will continue on April 9 in Washington, where, in addition to the immigration issue, they will address the work promoted by Honduras since February 4, such as national reconstruction and hemispheric security.

In Washington, the heads of the Secretariats of General Coordination of Government, Security and Defense, and officials of the Secretariat of Human Rights will participate, he said.

Rosales said that addressing the migration issue is always done in a comprehensive manner and that includes respect for the human rights of Honduran migrants, the generation of development opportunities in the country and the necessary actions to avoid the causes that cause migration.

In the last four years, thousands of Hondurans have left in caravans with the idea of ​​reaching the United States, claiming the lack of employment and insecurity in their country, and that their situation worsened with the covid-19 pandemic that has affected since March Honduras and the damage caused by tropical storms Eta and Iota in November.

The Honduran foreign minister also played down questions from the US congresswoman Norma Torres to the Government of Honduras, associated with drug trafficking and corruption, which she attributed to the fact that she is only “one of the 438 congressmen that the United States has” and “on many occasions she does not have the correct information.”

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