Technological evolution not only affects the automotive sector, but also a myriad of elements that in the end are useful to us on a day-to-day basis. A clear example of this is Honda, a firm that has just presented what is known as Grass Miimo, an automatic lawnmower that, like many cleaning robots, fulfills its function when we tell it and with total nonchalance.

And it is that the Japanese firm has made sure to make life easier for those people who have a yard whose undergrowth is a problem they don’t want to deal with. In this context, the Grass Miimo fits perfectly, a nice little robot that will take care of everything for you.

Gras Miimo: this is the Honda automatic lawn mower

As far as design is concerned, it is not that we find something extremely spectacular or futuristic. A gray protection and a white casing are the elements that give the shape of this little one. robot that at the end of the day can be very useful.

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And is that Honda It will allow your customers to select the perimeter they want the Grass Miimo to cover and schedule the now that they would like to be put to work. With this premise, the Japanese lawnmower will leave the charging base at the stipulated time and get to work.

If it meets an obstacle on the way, it will approach it and then move away and continue in another direction. In case the robot itself detects that it is running out of battery, will automatically return to the charging point and thus not having to worry more than to give him orders.

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Although logically its capacity is limited by two conditions. The fact is that the Honda Grass Miimo will not be able to face grass greater than 10 centimeters and it will not be able to overcome hills with a degree of inclination of more than 25º. If this is not a problem for you, it can be yours for $ 2,500.

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