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Homemade masks that you should do before bed to have blemish-free skin

There are no secrets, no foolproof tricks. Behind beautiful skin there is a lot of love, and masks are part of that. Especially at night because they have the attribute of giving your skin a dose of nutrients that are better absorbed while you are sleeping.

They are suitable for any age because after 30 years the skin loses firmness, however, The sooner you start with your care ruin, you can prevent fine lines, blemishes and a dull face.

Homemade and night masks that will renew your face

For reddened skin

In accordance with Glamour, This is one of the masks that girls who have been exposed to the sun for several times or for different reasons they have redness that they want to reduce.

It consists of mixing a tablespoon of oats, a tablespoon of honey and a half of water. After stirring in a container, it is applied to the face for 20 minutes and removed with plenty of water.

Do not forget to wash your face before each of the masks and then sleep with your moisturizer on.

For excess fat

Women who produce a lot of sebum know that it is annoying and unpleasant throughout the day, So to control it, you will only need a tablespoon of aloe vera and two drops of tea tree essential oil.

The ingredients are mixed and left to act for 10 minutes. When removing, use fresh water and apply the night hydrant, you will feel fresher immediately.

Masks for dry skin

But if instead you find yourself on the other side of the coin, Look for a tablespoon of Greek yogurt, a tablespoon of oatmeal, and a tablespoon of honey. Everything is combined and applied for 15 minutes.

Do not forget to remove with warm water, use your toner and then hydrate.

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