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Holidays in 5 weeks – Finally a snowy night again?

Winter where are you The days are getting shorter. But it doesn’t get any chillier. One cannot even think of snow. November is grubby.

Will the white Christmas fail again?

At the weekend the temperatures climb to 14 degrees. It’s way too warm for the current season.

“I say the big onset of winter just won’t be. We would need a full north facing position. So for a white Christmas until full down. Direct from Scandinavia Cold and humidity. Then it snows! After that, an Eastern European high can come with dry cold. Then the snow is preserved! “, Says graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met opposite BILD. But it doesn’t look like that.

The last time there was a white Christmas in all of Germany was in 2010 and before that in 1981, a unique event.

Meteorologist Jürgen Schmidt from WetterKontor tells BILD: “The German Weather Service sees the winter as too mild overall. The American weather service NOAA is clearly too mild. The British weather service MetOffice as well. I would now rather bet on a green Christmas. “

What do we need for snow for Christmas?

Weather expert Jung: “A high west of us that blocks the Atlantic would be ideal. In the best case scenario, it should then be off the coast of France. And then a deep east of us that shovels the cold from the north to us. “

After all, there will be a new high from Sunday, which will bring us colder air, temperatures will drop and next week they will return to completely normal values ​​for the time of year. In the higher areas there can be snowflakes during the week.

Weather expert Jung: “As of today, no snow cover or permafrost is to be expected in the lowlands next week. From the middle of the week there can be from 600 to 800 meters of snow and there it can sometimes turn white, but in the lower areas there is no snow cover in sight. “

This is how it continues with the weather in the coming days:

Friday: 8 to 13 degrees, often cloudy and gray, mostly dry

Saturday: 7 to 14 degrees, quite mild for the time of year, lots of clouds and high fog, mostly dry

Sunday: 6 to 11 degrees, mixed, sometimes sun, sometimes clouds, some rain

Monday: 4 to 8 degrees, significantly cooler, partly sunshine, partly fog

Tuesday: 3 to 7 degrees, mostly friendly and dry

Wednesday: 3 to 7 degrees, mix of sun, clouds and haze, later rain

Thursday: 2 to 6 degrees, wet and cold, snow in the higher elevations, rain below, bad weather

Friday: 4 to 8 degrees, milder, more changeable

Saturday: 5 to 9 degrees, now and then clouds, then sometimes sun and rain showers

Sunday (1st Advent): 4 to 8 degrees, mixed, next to clouds, a few showers

“The starting position is not that bad at all. After all, the first cold at altitude reaches us. In previous years it was much milder at this time of year or on the 1st of Advent, ”explains weather expert Jung.

Snow Maiden, we will have to keep hoping …

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