Copenhagen, March 31 (EFE) .- The Swedish fashion chain Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) was willing to collaborate with customers and business partners in China on Wednesday to regain trust as a result of the boycott suffered in social networks in that country.

Several Western firms have been the target of attacks in networks after the crossing of sanctions between China and some Western countries on account of the alleged human rights violations and forced labor that, according to some reports rejected by the Chinese government, take place in the region of Xinjiang.

H&M was the first to be affected, when a statement from September last year was recovered in which it rejected the use of cotton from that region.

“We are dedicated to regaining the trust of customers, colleagues and business partners in China. Working with our partners we believe that we can take joint steps to develop the fashion industry, serve customers and act responsibly,” said a statement .

The Swedish firm assured that it does “everything” to face the challenges and find a way forward, because China “is a very important market and we have a strong and long-term commitment in the country.”

The fashion chain declared itself “proud” of its suppliers and was willing to be “a responsible buyer”, while ensuring that it works on strategies for obtaining raw materials.

“We want to collaborate with all stakeholders to be a part of the solution and together build a more sustainable fashion industry,” says the letter.

H&M highlighted that it follows local laws in the markets in which it is present and alluded to the importance of trust and dialogue.

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