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Historical: vaccination with Sputnik V started in Córdoba – Siempre Juntos

At 6.15 am, the truck carrying the 10,500 Russian vaccines arrived at the Ocasa distribution center.

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The Convention Center has been conditioned to carry out the respective immunizations in the city of Córdoba, starting with health professionals and personnel who work in the critical units of Covid-19.

In this sense, they will receive the Sputnik V vaccine in the first instance: Ana Crinejo (Infectious Physician) of the Rawson Hospital, Juan Pablo Caeiro (Infectious Physician) of the Private Hospital, Patricia Anabel Benegas (Nurse) of the Allende Sanatorium, Sergio Molina (Cleaning Service ) of the Hospital San Roque and Gonzalo Manuel Castro (Microbiologist) Central Laboratory.

The vaccine will also be placed Fabian Muraro (Graduate in Bioimaging) from Hospital San Roque, Nahuel Vicente (Camillero) from Hospital Rawson, Paulo Daniel Pastor (Kinesiologist) from Hospital Florencio Díaz, Eleonora Cena (Pharmacist) from Hospital Privado and María Andrea del Carmen Lucca (Biochemistry) Foundation for the Progress of Medicine.

The placement of the doses will continue throughout the day, until 20, with the health personnel affected to intensive care areas and will continue in the following days.

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Today also begins vaccination in hospitals in the interior of the province.

To guard the Convention Center is the Explosives Division and special forces of the Police of the province throughout its perimeter. Just over 10,000 doses of Sputnik V arrived there.

Governor Juan Schiaretti and Minister Cardozo visited the place this Monday to supervise the conditioning of the vaccination center.

According to Cardozo, they plan to carry out about 700 vaccinations per day.

“I just wanted to tell you that this is the vaccination point of the city in this first stage of doses that arrive. Also in the other 24 provincial hospitals in the interior the vaccines will arrive tonight, ”said the governor.

He indicated that on January 4 the rest of the doses will arrive until the 21,900 agreed upon.

And he explained that the vaccination includes 5 people “because the vaccine, since it is opened, has a durability of half an hour.”

“We started with those who risked their lives for all Cordoba,” he said, adding that “we must continue to take care of distance and the chinstrap.”

In this sense, he said that he will not be vaccinated in this first round of vaccines and explained why: “I do not get vaccinated for two reasons, first, because the priority is the health personnel and I am not going to take a dose from No one, except the one who is taking risks all day, can take care of myself a little longer ”.

“And second, because I am over 60 years old, which is not yet authorized. But when I can, I will be able to do it, its reliability is guaranteed, ”said the governor.

He also stated that 98% of doctors in the province, both in the public and private sectors, are willing to get the vaccine.

“If you ask me, all vaccines are good and have gone through the verification process, for me it is important that we can begin,” he added.

The role of the Armed Forces in the vaccination operation in Córdoba

General Jorge Berredo is Joint Commander of the Córdoba Emergency Zone, in support of the local COE, and told Chain 3 how was the coordination at the national level of vaccination logistics.

“We feel enormous excitement and hope for the first doses of the vaccine, which will go about 7,000 doses to the Convention Center in the capital and about 4,000 to the interior,” he said.

“On December 23, we presented the coordination plan to Minister Cardozo after a 10-month study related to crisis management. We have been able to collaborate to reach today in record time with a ready and accurate plan ”, he confirmed.

And he explained that the military personnel are within the priority population to be vaccinated but that there are “priorities within the priorities”, which in this case is the health team, “he said.

Report by Juan Pablo Viola and Miguel Clariá.

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