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Hispano-Suiza Unique Tailormade: 1,904 ways to create the car of your dreams

Hispano-Suiza Unique Tailormade: 1,904 ways to create the car of your dreams

Few brands can say that they can have a history in which all their vehicles are very exclusive. So much so that they could be up to par or even surpass Ferrari or Roll-Royce for example. In addition, the new Hispano Suiza (HS) does not want to be left behind in this prestige compared to the original and now it comes Hispano Suiza Unique Tailormade … or 1,904 ways to create the car of your dreams.


If a Hispano Suiza as it is does not seem enough, calm, that its current managers, the Peralada Group, have wanted your vehicle to be even more and more exclusive, in what Hispano Suiza Design Studio calls ‘Hyperlux’, which allows to his select clients to make a car to measure. How? Through the Unique Tailormade program.

The lucky buyer can choose between the interior and exterior details of his Hispano Suiza Carmen, encompassed in three configuration lines: Heritage, Sport and Elegance.

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Then the rest. From an HS has created Unique Tailormade Program based on the Color & Trim defined by the brand, you will have at your disposal the option of choosing different colors or materials for the interior and exterior of the car.

  • Colors: It has been defined based on the history of the brand, such as Peralada Green, Swiss Red, Xenia Gray, Birkigt White or Begur Blue, among others.
  • The elements customizable.
    • In the exterior: the grill, the rear view mirrors, the wheels, the air intakes on the hood.
    • In the interior: different options and colors for the steering wheel, dashboard, seat upholstery or floor mats.

“With the Unique Tailormade Program we wanted to capture the diversification of possibilities of creating a Hispano Suiza Carmen unique for each client. We want these 19 units of the Carmen to be a work of art on wheels, collectibles, symbols of excellence and that each owner can participate in the personalized customization of their vehicle ”. explains Francesc Arenas, Design Director of Hispano Suiza. “Starting from the original DNA and taking into account the Color & Trim of Hispano Suiza, we have created three configuration lines – Elegance, Heritage y Sport– that reflect the main values ​​of our vehicles ”. And broad “We are aware of the needs and desires of our buyers, so we have developed a tool and a catalog that will allow them to configure the design of the vehicle according to their needs. We want our customers to be able to drive the car of their dreams ”.

The basis of Hispano Suiza Unique Tailormade (or the 1,904 ways to create the car of your dreams) It is the Carmen model, a spectacular car from a limited series of 19 units, of which only five are manufactured in the Boulogne finish. Its design is inspired by the Dubonnet Xenia from the 30s, but now equipped with all the current technological advances and figures of real heart attack: 1,000 hp of power thanks to its four permanent magnet synchronous motors that houses 1,160 on the rear axle. Nm of torque, an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 2.6 seconds … Would you dare to customize it?

Rodrigo Fersainz April 27, 2021 – 01: 36h

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