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Hispanic Military Caron Nazario Sues Police After Arrested, Pointed and Pepper Sprayed in Virginia | Univision News United States

A Hispanic military man sued two cops from Windsor, Virginia, who detained him, pointed a gun and pepper sprayed him at a traffic stop. Videos of the agents’ body cameras show how the arrest unfolded, which Army Lieutenant Caron Nazario claims in his lawsuit began when the police did not see the rear license plate of his new truck.

According to the lawsuit and what Nazario told the police when they stopped him on December 5, the Army member drove for a few minutes to a lighted gas station when he saw that a police car asked him to stop. He carried a temporary license plate inside his vehicle, which he claims was recently purchased.

“I’m honestly afraid of getting out of the vehicle,” Nazario told officers Joe Gutiérrez and Daniel Crocker, who asked him to get out of his SUV while they pointed their guns at him.

“You should be,” Gutiérrez replied to Nazario, who is also black. “You are going to be arrested for obstruction of justice,” he told her at another time. Nazario, the video shows, had both of his hands visible outside his vehicle. However, he did not get off of it.

After unsuccessfully trying to get Nazario out of the truck, Police Officer Gutiérrez sprays him with pepper spray. Once out of the vehicle, Nazario was kneeling and handcuffed.

“Eventually, after the defendants handcuffed Nazario, they picked him up and took him away from the vehicle and sat on a garbage can to begin an interrogation that was a veiled attempt to get Lieutenant Nazario to agree to his attempt to modify what happened to obscure his guilt and make see that Nazario was the one at fault, without making any attempt to read him his rights, Miranda, “reads the lawsuit to which the newspaper agreed. The Washington Post.

Nazario is suing the two policemen and seeking compensation of $ 1 million alleging that their constitutional rights were violated, in a claim that adds to the incidents of police brutality in the United States and in the middle of the trial for the death of the African-American George Floyd at the hands of of two agents.

Windsor Police have not commented publicly on this lawsuit and the newspaper The Washington Post he also could not get his questions answered about it.


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