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His fate touches Germany – BILD names Stefan hero of the day

BILD reported on hero husband Stefan Walter (53) from Kierspe (North Rhine-Westphalia). He cares for his dear wife Manuela (49), who suffers from the nervous disease ALS, around the clock.
Because the humble family man only cares for his wife and his demented mother, BILD once expressly says: THANK YOU! Walter thanked BILD LIVE touchingly. You can see the emotional video here.

Stefan Walter has given up his job to spend the time he still has with his wife. Therefore, he is also relieved that Manuela does not have to move to a nursing home, but can stay in her home environment thanks to 24-hour care. Where does he get the strength and optimism from to keep up with his daily workload? He tells BILD.

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