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Hilaria Baldwin: She speaks plainly about her past

Wife of Alec Baldwin
Did she lie about where she came from? That’s what Hilaria Baldwin says about the allegations

Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin at an appearance in New York in February 2020.

Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin at an appearance in New York in February 2020.

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The discussion about the accent of Hilaria Baldwin shows how quickly a little thing on Twitter can turn into a big thing.

Hilaria Baldwin is known as the wife of US actor Alec Baldwin (62, “If love were that easy”). The couple have five children together. Right now, however, the yoga teacher is getting a lot of attention, and not the positive kind. Critics accuse her on social media of faking a Spanish accent. Ultimately, the 36-year-old felt compelled to speak plainly about her past.

The trigger for the debate about Hilaria Baldwin was apparently a contribution by Amy Schumer. She posted a photo that Baldwin had previously shared on Instagram. In the picture, Baldwin holds her son Eduardo, who is a few months old, in his hands and shows her slim body in lingerie. According to media reports, Schumer put a funny comment about it, which Baldwin apparently did not find funny, she called in a video to be “a little friendlier” to each other, especially now. Schumer apologized and deleted the photo – but the whole thing should have consequences for Baldwin.

Did Hilaria Baldwin just fake her accent?

On Twitter, according to US media reports, a user wondered about Hilaria Baldwin’s American accent in the video, in contrast to the Spanish accent she allegedly presented in previous interviews. Suddenly the allegation was in the virtual room that she had faked it. And the question arose where Baldwin was from. According to “Page Six”, a 36-year-old agency said: “Baldwin was born in Mallorca, Spain and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts.”

In an interview in April, Baldwin is also said to have given the impression that she only came to the United States when she was 19, as other users claimed: She moved here to go to New York University, she said in a clip that can be seen online. When asked where she had been before, Baldwin replied that her family lived in Mallorca. And that’s obviously also true.

Baldwin’s parents have lived in Mallorca since 2011, according to “Page Six”. Before that, they are said to have been at home in the US state of Massachusetts. Baldwin is also said to have gone to a high school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Alleged former classmates call her, according to the celebrity portal of the “New York Post”, “a girl from Cambridge” who “had no accent at the time”. In addition, her name should have been Hillary at the time.

Hilaria Baldwin speaks plain text

With an Instagram video, Hilaria Baldwin finally wants to clarify “some things”. Among other things, she explains that statements by her have been misrepresented in the past. She was “born in Boston”, according to Baldwin, and spent “part of her childhood” in Spain. She grew up in both cultures. She brings up her children bilingual, just as she grew up herself.

“There has been a lot of back and forth all my life and I’m really happy that I grew up with two languages,” she says, adding that her accent changes depending on the language she speaks more. If she is “nervous or angry”, start mixing languages.

She used the name Hillary in the USA and Hilaria in Spain, she explains. “My parents call me Hilaria, my whole family calls me Hilaria,” she notes, and eventually she decided to stay with Hilaria to avoid confusion: “It’s the same name, just a few letters different so I think we shouldn’t get so upset about it. ”

Another video of hers later states that she also told her husband that she was born in Boston before adding, “I spent much of my childhood in Spain. My nuclear family has lived in Spain for a long time. ”

And she makes it clear: “I never said my mother was Spanish […] It’s my thing to be authentic, and when people say I’m not authentic, it hurts my feelings. “She feels attacked for who she is:” I don’t do anything wrong because I am me, “says Baldwin who then announced a social media break in a story.


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