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High excess mortality: Russia’s statisticians count far more corona deaths

High excess mortality
Russia’s statisticians count far more corona deaths

Statistics on excess mortality put Russia’s official Corona data in a dubious light. Accordingly, more than three times as many people have died after being infected with the virus since the beginning of the year.

In Russia, far more people died after a corona infection than previously known. According to data from the statistics agency Rosstat, excess mortality increased by 55.6 percent in November alone compared to the same month last year – in absolute terms from 141,000 to 219,900. More than 35,000 died in November after being infected with the corona virus. Excess mortality is an increased death rate compared to other periods or expected values.

The numbers are in contrast to the official reporting data for Russia. According to the government, around 55,000 people have died of Covid 19 disease since the pandemic began. In its figures, however, the government only shows those cases in which Covid-19 was unequivocally confirmed as the cause of death by an autopsy. The statistical office, on the other hand, also lists cases in which it is assumed that Covid-19 was only an accompanying disease and that the person would have died without the disease.

According to the statistics office, a total of 229,700 more people have died in Russia since the beginning of the year than in the same period last year. This corresponds to an excess mortality rate of more than 13 percent. 186,000 of these deaths were related to the coronavirus, according to Rosstat – that would be more than three times as many as officially reported. Only in the USA with more than 330,000 deaths and Brazil with more than 190,000 deaths were more victims of the pandemic registered.

More than three million infected people

In total, more than three million infections with the coronavirus have been detected in Russia since the beginning of the pandemic. This is the fourth highest number of cases in the world. Experts had therefore already expressed doubts about the relatively low official number of victims so far, on the basis of which the Russian authorities declared their strategy against the virus to be successful.

Russia is currently battling a second wave of pandemics. Nevertheless, out of consideration for the economy, the Russian government wants to avoid another lockdown. In the fight against the pandemic, she relies on the Russian corona vaccine Sputnik V.

The authorities have not yet disclosed how many people in Russia have already been vaccinated. The vaccine developer, the state-owned Gamaleya Research Institute, announced that around 700,000 doses have been delivered so far. In a survey by the state institute VTsIOM on Wednesday, however, only 38 percent of those questioned in Russia stated that they want to be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

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