In the usual humorous vein, Marina introduced the subscribers to her daughter. Everything happened very unexpectedly.

36-year-old Marina Kravets is known to many thanks to her participation in the Comedy Club. The only girl in the men’s team entertained the country for many years, and the audience knows her songs from hilarious numbers by heart. But Marina did not become a hostage of her image – her vocal abilities give her the opportunity to participate in popular TV shows, for example, in “The Mask”.

To the surprise of many, Marina Kravets was hiding behind the mask of the Sun. Last Sunday, the jury exposed the comedian and TV presenter, and she stopped her participation in the project. Now Marina can make fun of her performances without worrying about the secrecy – this is what she did on her Instagram.

Marina shared a video in which her family watches Kravets’ performance of the song “Je Veux” in “The Mask”. Obviously ironic about the situation, Marina and her husband Arkady wondered who was hiding behind the image – Elena Terleeva or Yulia Parshuta. It is noteworthy that at this very time Marina was sitting in the dress of the Sun and holding the very golden mask that the audience remembered.

But the fans paid attention not at all to the ridicule of the married couple, but to their daughter, whom they saw for the first time. Followers of Marina managed to make out in a short video a dark-eyed princess, who herself stood on her legs in a children’s playpen. Subscribers felt that Veronica looked more like a dad.

2 months after giving birth, Marina Kravets is already wearing skinny jeans

“Daddy’s daughter, will be happy”, “I am touched by your princess, a copy of daddy. I love your humor: subtle, intelligent, one hundred percent! “Je Veux” is just an incredible cover in your performance, no one doubted your talent, but this show opened you from a new side – an incredible singer, professional, with a gorgeous voice, “Marina’s followers noted.

Recall that the girl was born on April 9, 2020 in the midst of a pandemic. Marina announced the birth of her first child on her Instagram.

“Early in the morning I had to quickly get dressed and go to the examination at #EveryCase. We drove for half an hour, so the bag with things we had collected for the hospital stayed at home. Looking ahead, I will say that it would not be useful, in general, everything you need is given out on the spot! In general, we went out light. ” There will still be time! ” – we thought … As a result, we became the parents of a wonderful girl. Everyone is healthy and happy! We feel great, we recognize each other. In general, what happened, most importantly, is just fantastic! ” – shared her emotions Kravets.

Marina got married with Arkady Vodakhov in 2013. Before that, the couple met for about six years. They are connected not only by tender feelings towards each other, but also by interests – the couple met while studying at the Faculty of Philology, and now they work together on television.

:Ото: @marinakravets, el yellohood / Instagram

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