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He’s a Texas State Trooper agent

  • Hispanic Bryan shooting wounded. Authorities reported that Texas State Trooper agent Juan Rojas Tovar is seriously injured
  • Rojas Tovar is admitted to the St. Johns Hospital in the town where the shooting occurred
  • The event left one dead and four injured on Thursday afternoon

Hispanic Bryan shooting wounded. Authorities in Texas have identified victims of a shooting in the town of Bryan that claimed one death and left at least four injured.

One of them was identified as Juan Rojas Tovar, an agent of the Texas State Trooper, of whom the authorities informed MundoHispánico that he remains seriously injured and admitted to St. Johns Hospital in the town where the shooting occurred.

Hispanic bryan shooting wounded
Juan Rojas Tovar. Photo from the Texas Department of Public Safety

They identify the dead

Authorities identified the deceased victim as Timothy Smith, a 40-year-old Bryan resident.

There are also two victims in stable condition and two victims in critical condition, including the Hispanic agent. Of the three the authorities have not released more information at this time.

One dead and four injured in an industrial zone

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At least one person died on Thursday and another four were injured in a shooting in an industrial area of ​​the town of Bryan (Texas), reported the Chief of Police of that town, Eric Buske, according to the media.

The injured, including one seriously, have been transferred to hospitals, while the perpetrator fled, reported Efe.

They suspect that the attacker is an employee

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Police suspect that the attacker is an employee of a cabin manufacturing company, which was the scene of the shooting.

Later, in a nearby area, the police detained a person after he opened fire on an officer. Authorities have said the two incidents could be related.

Biden takes action

Hispanic bryan shooting wounded
Image taken from AP

Precisely this Thursday, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, announced a series of measures of limited scope to tackle violence with firearms in his country, and demanded that Congress stop tolerating a problem that he described as an “embarrassment to international level”.

Two weeks after the mass shootings that left 18 dead in Georgia and Colorado, Biden unveiled several initiatives to contain gun violence, but acknowledged that he will not be able to do much on his own if Congress does not stop blocking any attempt to increase control of pistols and rifles.

“It is an epidemic and a shame”

Hispanic bryan shooting wounded, Biden check homeless plan
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“Gun violence in this country is an epidemic. And it is an international shame ”, denounced Biden.

The president recalled that every day 106 people die from firearms in the United States, every month there are 53 femicides committed with pistols, and that armed violence “impacts the black and Latino population much more.”

In the center of the state

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The Bryan Police Department (BPD), in Texas, reported an active shooting with several serious injuries and one death. According to the authorities’ report, the shots were reported at 3:30 in the afternoon (local time) this Thursday, April 8, 2021, in a store and factory of wooden cabinets.

At the time of writing this story, sources of MundoHispánico in Texas they confirmed that there are also at least five seriously wounded with gunshot wounds and who have already been transferred to various hospitals in Bryan, a city in the center of the state and north of the metropolitan area of ​​College Station.

Shooting reported in Bryan, Texas

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The alleged perpetrator of the shooting has not been identified, but he was captured two hours after the incident after he fled, which sparked a large mobilization of the BPD with the support of other authorities, such as the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS, for its acronym in English), which has already dispatched several agents to assist in the investigations in Bryan, Texas and arrest the suspect.

One of the first TxDPS agents to arrive at the crime scene had a gunshot encounter with the alleged perpetrator of the shooting and when he tried to stop him, he was shot and wounded. The TxDPS agent is hospitalized and in serious but stable condition.

Shooting in Bryan, Texas happened in an industrial zone

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According to the sources of MundoHispánico the shooting occurred in the Brazos County Industrial Park, a factory industrial park, at 2818 Farmer Road and the corner of Stone City Drive. All the injured are very serious in various hospitals and some are in critical condition with the risk of losing their lives.

The city of Bryan has ordered that the students of the schools remain inside the classrooms, as the presence of the BPD and the TxDPS scour the city in search of the shooter, of whom there is neither a description nor a mobile.

Shooting in Bryan, Texas: School closes nearby

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Near the scene of the shooting is the Jane Long Intermediate School of the Bryan Independent School District (BISD), whose doors have been locked from the inside to prevent the alleged shooter from trying to hide in the streets. school facilities.

The situation is so dire that in addition to the BPD and TxDPS, officers from the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) and the Leo County Sheriff’s Office ( LCSO).

Streets to be closed for shooting in Bryan, Texas

tiroteo Bryan Texas
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The authorities’ report details that BCSO and LCSO agents will close some streets and highways in the cities of Bryan and College Station to prevent the alleged perpetrator of the crime from escaping to the authorities. If you drive through the area, be prepared to encounter police lockdowns and random searches of cars.

According to a BPD source, the authorities will hold a press conference when they finish the first investigations of the case that they coordinate for law enforcement officials. The shooting in Bryan, Texas, happened at Kent Moore Cabinets. The woodworking company specializes in the design and construction of kitchen cabinets by request of each client.

Reinforcements arrive to assist in a serious situation

tiroteo Bryan Texas
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The situation in the shooting in Bryan, Texas, is so dire that federal agents specializing in mass shootings from the Agency for Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) were dispatched from Houston to assist with the research.

According to the Efe news agency, at the moment there are confirmed five injuries in the shooting that occurred in an industrial zone in the town of Bryan, Texas, according to a spokesman for the Police Department of that town, Jason James, cited by the CNN chain.

They report “several victims”

tiroteo Bryan Texas
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The source explained that the agents went to the scene of the event where they found “several victims”, about whom they did not specify their specific condition. James said the wounded have been taken to hospitals, while the shooter has fled.

Precisely this Thursday, the president, Joe Biden, announced a series of measures of limited scope to stop violence with firearms in his country, and demanded that Congress stop tolerating a problem that he described as an “international shame.” .

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