Here the discounts in the payment of property, water and other taxes of 2021


We are just starting 2021 and with the new year come the payments of various taxes such as tenure, property, water service and others. Do them in advance and achieve these benefits.


If you are looking for an incentive, the CDMX Finance Secretariat announced an extraordinary discount on the annual advance payment of the building. If your payment is made in January you will be entitled to a 10% reduction and if it is paid in February the reduction will be 6%.


Like other years the reduction of the tax payment continues building and from Water for the population vulnerable as they are heads of family, people with disabilities, disabled pensioners, older adults and more, they can request a reduction in the property payment and obtain a 30% forgiveness or even pay only 52 pesos per two-month period.

People who receive water by batch will continue to pay a fixed fee per tap until their service is regularized, the rest of the rates had an update.


Refering to vehicle ownership It is contemplated that the option of obtaining the subsidy from 100% for non-profit individuals and companies such as civil associations. The benefit starts on January 1 and ends on March 31, 2021 and applies when the car has a value of up to 250 thousand pesos.


You must bear in mind that in the 2021 Tax Code of Mexico City recently approved in the Congress of Mexico City there was a 3.3% increase in taxes, duties and contributions for the year that is about to begin. Some lawmakers pointed out that it was due to an inflation update and not an increase.

The approved Tax Code includes tax incentives such as the reduction of between 20 and 30% of the Payroll Tax (ISN), to companies that “recycle waste, process part of solid waste.”

Also for those who acquire, install and operate technologies, systems, equipment and materials to reduce polluting emissions, in this case they will obtain reductions of 10% to 50% of the Property Tax.

In addition, there is a 50% discount in the Property Acquisition Tax (ISAI) in the case of inheritances.

With 2021 come the new licenses to drive, type A1 only to drive motorcycles that will cost approximately 450 pesos and type A2 that will serve to drive private vehicles and motorcycles, whose cost will be 900, with a validity of 3 years.


Although the red light closed the windows to do paperwork, there are several that can already be done online.

Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to take out a digital tool called KEY, which is a single account that allows you to carry out several procedures and services, it also has the advantage that you can save all the documents in a single account and in this way you will not have to Attach the same papers each time the procedure is done, this can be taken at this address

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