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Henry Martín remembers how he planned the National Classic festivities

The Águilas forward looked for something that would hurt the Chivas fans, that’s why he emulated the celebrations of Cuauhtémoc Blanco

MEXICO — Henry Martin, forward of America, he remembered the two goals he scored against Chivas in the last National Classic and the way in which he planned the festivities at the concentration hotel with the azulcrema doorman Oscar Jimenez.

Henry revealed that throughout the week the players remained calm and did not make any statement that stirred the atmosphere, but internally they had the desire to provoke the rojiblanca fans.

“There was a lot of talk in that week about identity and that America he had no identity. We did not go out to declare anything compromising, nor did it make a national problem. I was thinking with Oscar Jiménez in the room, what can I make them burn and hurt? Something that means a lot to Americanism and fans“, He said in a conversation with the ‘Golden Scorpion’, Mexican youtuber.

Given this, Henry pointed out that the most representative thing that could hurt the rojiblancos fans was Cuauhtémoc White. “There was nothing but Cuau.”

Martin celebrated the first goal with the traditional pose of the former “10” of the Eagles and in the second he celebrated again as Cuauhtémoc White emulating a bullfighter.

Henry spoke about his tournament with the Eagles and also recalled the anecdotal two-touch penalty he achieved with Sebastián Córdova against Atlas, a rival they beat 2-0, but due to an improper alignment they lost the points in the table and the team fell 3-0. “It was a very drastic punishment.”

“In the goal we did not warn anyone. Then they told us that if we failed, we would hold on. We do not warn even colleagues. Only we knew. As the play approaches, we covered our mouths and were defining where to play. He told me that “on this side, because it is more comfortable for me” I did not want it there and I said “Good”. I touched the ball, the goalkeeper came out on that same side and I did worry, but in the end we scored ”.

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