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Henry and Shearer, first players in the Premier’s Hall of Fame

Former Newcastle United and Arsenal forwards were the first exalted members to the compound of the immortals

Alan Shearer Y Thierry Henry have been the first players to be introduced to the Hall of Fame from England Premier League.

Shearer, all-time top scorer of the competition, and Henry, who marked an era with the Arsenal of the Invincibles, have been the first players to be chosen on this select list.

26 more will be shortlisted, of which six, voted on by fans, will join Henry Y Shearer in the Hall of Fame.

“Two forward centers, both endowed with natural ability and talent who have written their names in the history of the Premier League“the league stated in its announcement.” We are delighted to announce Alan Shearer Y Thierry Henry as the first two exalted to the Hall of Fame from Premier League“.

“When you see all the amazing players that have been in the Premier, day in and day out, you feel very proud to be here “, he said Shearer. “I would like to thank all the teammates and all the coaches that I have had during my career for this.”

“When I was young, all I wanted was to have a pair of boots so I could play and now we are talking about the Hall of Fame“he added Henry, who won four times the award for top scorer of the Premier.

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