Heavy traffic to the coast on New Year’s Eve and there is expectation for the summer season

The exodus to the coast for New Year's Eve (Photo: Twitter / @ diariohoynet).

The exodus to the coast for New Year’s Eve (Photo: Twitter / @ diariohoynet).

More of 2200 vehicles per hour they circulated through the Buenos Aires routes towards the Atlantic Coast on New Year’s Eve, according to data from Autopistas de Buenos Aires (AUBASA). Despite the sustained increase in coronavirus cases that has been registered throughout the country in recent days, thousands of tourists traveled to the resort region in the last long weekend of the year.

According to a statement from AUBASA, the company in charge of the La Plata Highway and the routes of the Atlantic Coast, Until 8 o’clock, 2,250 cars per hour passed through the Samborombón tollbooth, on Highway 2, and 700 through Maipú towards Mar del Plata. Meanwhile, some delays were recorded in the urban area of ​​Castelli.

The flow of vehicles detected this Wednesday was just 6.25% lower than that of the long weekend of December 28, 2019, when 2407 cars per hour drove towards the Buenos Aires coast.

On Interbalnearia Route 11, at the La Huella tollbooth of the General Conesa party, 1700 cars passed every hour towards the La Costa, Pinamar and Villa Gesell district, and traffic was also intense in the General Conesa area.

On the other hand, Telam reported that the reservation of places average the 50% occupancy, and that the different coastal destinations maintain high expectations for the rest of the summer, with the focus on the health protocols established by the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to the agency, Marcela García, head of Tourism of the party of Necochea, detailed that reservations in the district for this end of the year “average 21% in the hotel sector”, since “mostly people chose to rent houses and apartments “, which reached 45% occupancy.

Tomás Crowder, head of the Tourism area of ​​General Alvarado’s party, pointed out: “In Miramar the reserves are not like in other years but many have been encouraged to come to our district to spend the end of the year and enjoy the benefits of this city, which is familiar ”. In total, he affirmed that they have 55,000 requests for entry from people, among the different types of accommodation.

The coast of Necochea (Photo: TN.com.ar).
The coast of Necochea (Photo: TN.com.ar).

The Municipal Tourism Authority of Mar del Plata (Emtur) pointed out that “the number of permit applications processed through the ‘Summer Certificate’, amounts to 30,916, which corresponds to 60,011 visitors whose income began yesterday and would be until January 2 ” 2021. However, he indicated that there is a “great dispersion” in terms of stays, some of which will last up to eight nights.

In the case of the match of Mar Chiquita, the Director of Tourism, Marcelo Artime, reported that “Reserves at the end of the year are very moderate.” However, he was optimistic like his peers with a view to the summer season, which already has a large number of interested parties.

“We started to have a good amount of reserves for the first fortnight of January 2021, with 70% occupancy, “said the official, who also detected a greater number of inquiries by houses and apartments in relation to inns and hotels.

Aerial view of the Mar del Plata coast.
Aerial view of the Mar del Plata coast.By: AP

Finally, from the La Costa Party, the Undersecretary of Tourism Cristian Escudero assured the municipality was positioned as “The most chosen tourist destination by Argentines in the last two long weekends”, December 8 -Day of the Virgin- and Christmas.

“We exceed all expectations, (since) so far in December, the party received more than 350 thousand tourists and on two occasions it was the number 1 destination in Argentina, according to data from the Ministry of Tourism ”, which envisioned an increase in reservations for the next months.

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