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Heavy rain alarm – deep Roland comes with RUMMS!

It stays warm. It remains summery. But it can get uncomfortably wet. Deep Roland comes with storms. And with a bang!

On Tuesday showers and thunderstorms are coming from the west. There can also be thunderstorms due to heavy rain.

“The damp Roland thundered us. In places there are floods. However, these are very narrowly limited regionally. The western half of Germany is particularly hard hit, ”explains meteorologist Dominik Jung from the Q.met weather service to BILD.

In Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saarland, storms and heavy rain can be expected locally, says a meteorologist from the German Weather Service (DWD). It should rain a lot during the night and on Wednesday.

Storm and heavy rain threaten locally!

Climate expert Dr. Karsten Brandt from “On Thursday and Friday, especially in East Germany and Berlin, we sag a bit with temperatures below 20 degrees and rain.”

But at the weekend it is slowly getting nicer and sunnier again. The temperatures are then mostly around 20 to a maximum of 25 degrees, and it will probably not be as warm as last time.

This is how the weather will be in the coming days:

Tuesday: 21 to 29 degrees, first a lot of sun and very warm, later showers and thunderstorms from the west

Wednesday: 19 to 25 degrees, mixed, more showers and thunderstorms, sometimes heavy rain with flash floods

Thursday: 19 to 24 degrees, mix of sun, clouds and individual showers

Friday: 18 to 23 degrees, mixed, but quite warm, individual showers

Saturday: 18 to 24 degrees, mostly friendly and dry

Sunday: 17 to 23 degrees, not as warm as last, but always quite friendly

Overall, however, a new high then seems to be building up at the weekend. That brings stable sunny weather.

Weather expert Jung: “The weather situation overall remains quite warm and at times also very friendly. All those who bet on a September with a lot of autumn feeling have really gone wrong. This September apparently wants to compensate us for the changeable summer. “

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