Madrid, Apr 2 (EFE) .- The Madrid Health Center Platform assures that health workers “can and want to vaccinate” on holidays and weekends, and accuse the government of the Community of Madrid of not allowing it to convert the campaign of vaccination in “element of electoral propaganda”.

To criticism from different sectors for the stoppage of vaccinations to those over 80 years old on weekends and holidays, the regional government joined “its well-known mantra that Madrid receives few vaccines, a new one: we must respect the rest of professionals, “they say in a statement.

Primary Care professionals “have been offering to vaccinate beyond our schedule for months, demanding that the vaccination be done in Health Centers and designing even the necessary strategy for its mission,” they continue.

“We can and want to vaccinate, it is the government of the Community of Madrid that does not allow it because it is turning the vaccination campaign into an element of electoral propaganda, for which the Zendal-Wanda theme park is much more useful,” they add .

Professionals “are tired of the inefficiency, laziness and contempt” of the Madrid Ministry of Health towards the health of people and of “the workers who leave our skin every day” in the Health Centers.

“Vaccinating the elderly in the Health Centers is not profitable”, and the television images of the large vaccination spaces are “more attractive”, as well as saying “constantly that they do not have vaccines turns the president of the Community into a battering ram against the Government, and that gives votes, “they criticize.

The platform asks the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, to admit that his counterpart from the Treasury, Javier Fern├índez-Lasquetty, “the privatizer of health in the times of Esperanza Aguirre, does not allow him to use a penny to hire reinforcements or to pay additional days for the professionals of the Centers “.

The health workers, “tired or not, we would be willing to put our competence at the service of the population and do well, based on a fast, accessible and safe vaccination campaign,” concludes the platform.

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