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Headless corpse in car – Russian cannibal arrested in accident

He crashed into a guardrail with his Mitsubishi and was arrested. Not because of the accident – but because a headless corpse rolled out of his car in the accident …

It’s hard to imagine how this sight shocked police officers in Sortavala, northern Russia: When they approach a Mitsubishi that had previously crashed into a fence, they discover a body without a head! And that’s not all: in the trunk you will find spades, ropes and sacks. Apparently the body was supposed to be buried in the forest! The dead person is a businessman (50) from St. Petersburg. A man named Yegor Komarov (23) is arrested and two other men flee into the forest.

When Komarov was interrogated, things got really scary: the young man claimed to be a cannibal. He killed the businessman in an argument. “Generally I like to kill people.” Last year he stabbed a 38-year-old in a park in St. Petersburg because he wanted to taste his meat. “When he died, I gutted his neck and tasted the blood and flesh. But the meat was difficult to cut because the knife was blunt and I didn’t like the taste of its veins, “he said, according to several media outlets such as”Daily Mail“.

He disposed of the victim in a drainpipe, but cut off his tongue beforehand. He took these home and fried them with butter. “I tried it, but didn’t like it,” he said on the record. “But I would certainly have liked other parts of the body.”

By the way, during the interrogation, Yegor Komarov asked the officers to tighten his handcuffs – so that he could bite the men …

The police were also able to arrest the two fugitives. A man named Yan Shchepanovsky who claims to be from Ukraine and a third person who lived with him and drove the car.

He has not yet revealed what made Yegor an ogre. On the social media platform VKontakte he was interested in “anarcho-primitivism”, an anarchistic return to the pre-industrial way of life, and in “elixirs of immortality”.

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