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Head was on the table – elderly woman (77) beheaded in France!

Horror act in the south of France!

A senior woman (77) was found beheaded in the 29,000-inhabitant city of Agde. Her son had alerted the police on Wednesday evening because he could not reach his mother despite the usual daily contact the two maintained.

Shortly afterwards, the officers found the decapitated body in the woman’s apartment. Her head is said to have been lying next to her body on the kitchen table, French media unanimously report.

In the apartment in the coastal city, investigators found signs of battle and a great deal of confusion. There were no indications of a break-in, it said. Bloody latex gloves with glue residue were found in the front yard. However, the investigators assume that these come from a deployed fire brigade man.

The exact circumstances of the act are initially unclear. Since the death of the 77-year-old’s husband two years ago, the senior citizen has reportedly lived alone in her apartment.

Friday is the anniversary of the teacher’s death Samuel Paty († 47)who was beheaded by an Islamist on the street near Paris a year ago. So far there are no indications of a connection between the two acts.

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