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He was only 21 years old: “Biggest child in the world” is dead

He was only 21 years old
“Biggest child in the world” is dead

At the age of three and a half, the Russian Jambulat Chatochow weighs just under 50 kilograms, and at twelve he even weighs 175 kilograms. Several doctors attest him the best of health. But now the former “fattest child in the world” dies at the age of only 21 years.

Russian sumo wrestler Jambulat Chatochow has died at the age of only 21. The news agency Reuters and Russian media report unanimously. Chatochow became famous in 2003 when he was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as “the fatest child in the world” at the age of three and a half.

“The first sumo wrestler of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic has passed away. My condolences go to his family and friends,” wrote the president of the regional sumo and wrestling association, Betal Gubschew on Instagram. However, he did not disclose the cause of death. According to the US portal “”, Chatochow died of kidney failure.

In 2003, when Jambulat was three and a half years old, he was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest and strongest boy in the world of his age. Back then, the boy weighed 48 kilograms, was size 32 and lifted heavy weights with ease. The doctors confirmed that the boy is perfectly healthy. At the age of twelve he weighed 175 kilograms, at 16 he weighed 226 kilograms. Most recently Chatochow weighed well over 200 kilograms.

“Take a look at his medical records!”

Jambulate appeared several times on television shows. According to RTL, his mother repeatedly denied her son’s health problems in interviews. She took him to several doctors, all of whom had certified him in the best of health. In the meantime, according to a report in the “Daily Mail”, there were also allegations against her in the room that she had administered steroids to her son – which she also vehemently denied. “Take a look at his medical records! Do you think I gave him steroids when I was two months old? Do people think I’m a murderer? I love my son, I wouldn’t do anything to him that could endanger his health,” she said aloud “Bild” said in one of the interviews.

In 2008 Chatochow was tested for steroids by the British doctor Ian Campbell, the result was negative. But even then, the doctor warned: “Jambulate’s state of health is terrible. With his weight, he has an increased risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.”

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