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He was bitten by a black widow spider and died for not having obtained the antidote | Chronicle

A 51-year-old man died this Friday in Paraguay because he was bitten by a black widow and needed an antidote that is not for sale in that country. The patient spent his last hours in the Intensive Care Unit of the Migone Sanatorium.

Is about Alberto Oviedo Garay, who was the victim of a sting that caused the failure of several of his organs, leaving him with serious kidney years. In turn, they had to remove his spleen. The daughter of man Johana oviedo, assured that his father was “a healthy man without basic illnesses who lived in Tarumandy, near the Luque-San Bernardino route”.

They added that the patient needed the help of citizens since he needed to receive blood and, in turn, waited for the arrival of an antidote from Argentina, since in Paraguay it is not for sale. According to specialists, the bite of this type of arachnid has neurotoxic actions and, among other things, there are cardiovascular manifestations, intense pain, kidney disease and muscle inflammation.

After Garay’s case was made known, the doctor Salvador Gonzalez, who was consulted in this regard, stressed that the only way to avoid being victims of a poisonous insect is to think that it may be present, especially on days of intense heat where they are looking for humid and cool places. “If you are going to do any work or cleaning, always wear gloves and be aware that any type of poisonous insect may appear”, he pointed.

According to the professional, one in 100 people bitten by black widow dies, but in hot seasons these probabilities rise to 6 victims out of 100. “Mortality, depending on where it goes, from 1 to 6 out of every hundred bites. It is not very frequent that it happens, but it can happen “, ratified

González stated that it is very easy to detect the bite of the black widow, since its sting is very painful. “Symptoms can appear within 20 minutes to six hours after being bitten. Generally, these tend to occur far from a health post or hospital, which complicates things “, detailed.

One in 100 people bitten by black widow dies.

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